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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I Am Enough

I have discovered a treasure that i have to share.  (Thanks once again to Kelly Rae Robert's amazing "Flying Lessons" class.) 

It's a collaborative site called "I Am Enough," & is just the most touching, inspiring thing ever.  Women exposing their beautiful, tender vulnerabilities, women telling the truth-even when those truths may not be viewed as pretty.  I so admire their bravery & courage.

There is so much expansion that comes when we tell the truth/connect/come together/expose/share & accept one another fully-just as we are.  Knowing that we are already enough, even before this or that.  We don't have to wait-- until...we really can step right into our peace, into our power, into our enoughness in this very moment. 

I've read just about every one of these beautiful stories...they've made me cry, given me goosebumps.  Their words so resonate.  They sound so much like me.  Same questions/ insecurities/self-doubts/anxieties/fear of failure/need for approval. 

This is what happens when we tell the truth--others see themselves in us & feel less alone, less like hiding, less separate, more connected.  More like being brave. 

In embracing these women & their stories, i embrace more of my perfectly imperfect, perfectly flawed self.

All day today, after reading these stories, i've watched myself closely.  I've been more aware of how often i criticize myself--telling myself i should be doing more.  Or that what i've done or am doing isn't good enough.  And i've paid extra close attention to how yucky it feels when i berate myself in these ways.  I've noticed how loud that critical, you're-not-enough-voice can be & how persistent. 

But through these brave women & all their truth telling, i have gathered strength to say the words, and will continue to say them until they fully penetrate, I am enough.  

And so are you, beautiful one.

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