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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Note From the Universe

Sometimes just a simple "note from the universe" (below) helps put things in perspective. On a morning when things seem especially prickly, thorny, bumpy and gray, this little note was especially sweet.

For those of you who haven't yet heard about these little notes (that you too can receive in your inbox everyday), you can read about them here.

However long your dreams take to come true, Julia; no matter how prickly, thorny, or bumpy the path; and whether or not you even remember these words, if you stay the course, I can promise you this:

1 - They will come true.
2 - You'll recall the entire journey with fondness.
3 - You're going to miss shopping in complete anonymity.

Sure as snow.

    The Universe


  1. Wow, that IS a pretty amazing note to find! I love it. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh, yes, I love these! And I stopped getting them, so I must find out why the Universe has stopped emailing me. ;o) Love your blog, too, and the honesty you're getting brave enough to unleash!

    (I found you via Flying Lessons)

  3. Oh I love him! I used to get those in my box and then they stopped and I forgot! xoxo

  4. I did a recent post on this same thing and just wondered if anyone else had also, then found your blog. I've enjoyed browsing through it.


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