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Monday, July 19, 2010


Photo taken by Kevin Moul                     Taos, New Mexico


If only we could be as brave
as that tall growing oak
rooted deeply to the warm earth
It reaches its naked branches
up to the sun
and drops its leaves
one by one
never once stopping
to cling or hold on
or question
or long
Just a tree
being a tree
being a tree

Above is an old poem of mine.  I like posting them from time to time, bring them out of hiding and let them breathe again.  Plus, it's a way to honor my own thoughts/words and it feels good to do that.  And on this quiet, reflective-kind-of-a-morning, it serves as a reminder that i am complete, just as i am.  Nothing to prove-just showing up as me.

And i hope it reminds you that you are complete--just as you are.  There is only one of beautiful you in the whole wide world.  Just be YOU and that will be just right.


  1. Beautiful poem,Julia. I always loved this one. Beautiful picture too. Yes, its so simple--to be you--it is always enough! Thanks for the reminder.

  2. I love this poem. Love the thoughts behind it, too.


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