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Friday, July 23, 2010

fearLESS Friday with Amy Friend

Week 7

It is my pleasure to introduce you to Amy Friend, a friend i have not yet had the honor of meeting in person but feel like i know through her very touching and personal blog as well as the many supportive and encouraging email exchanges the two of us have had over the last many months. 

Amy's jewelry creations are clearly a gift from her heart~i am lucky enough to own several of her beautiful pieces of art.  She is on the brave journey of letting the beauty she loves be what she does.  It's so very good to walk this journey with you, Amy.  Thank you for being here.

 Oh!  And today is her 40th birthday!  Happy Birthday to you, Amy!

***Please leave your fearless stories in the comment section (or just stop by & say hello)...we would so love to hear from you!

Very special guest post #2


This word conjures up so many images. First, a spelunking, marathon running, skydiving middle-aged woman with a smile plastered to the wind.

Second, the unabashed 19 year old who makes foolish choices but is culturally excused because of her age. And cuteness.

And then there is the fearless image that resonates with me now. Right here at 40. The woman who realizes that she knows nothing about a fearless life and isn’t a bit interested in skydiving.

This woman that I am now proud to be, is learning to walk with fear. To acknowledge and consider the information that fear might present, but mostly to find humor and understanding in the patterns, the circling.

Before I began this intentional, holding hands with fear sort of walk, I assumed I would need to completely overcome fear, banish it the basement, or ignore it to even consider doing something that scared me. And a lot of things scared me. Really scared me. But what scared me most of all was missing life. Opportunities. Potential. Sunsets and smiles.

What does the fear walk look like? Imagination helps.

When fear is beating down my door, rattling my windows, and bones, I always have the option to invite it in. Offer it a seat, and listen for a moment. Sometimes that is all it takes. Sometimes, it isn’t going anywhere, not even for a short walk to the dump, no matter what. Heavy with ambition, it permeates my world for a while, until I get stronger. Or until it surprisingly lets itself out one hot afternoon.

And, of course, I have the moments in which there is no time to walk with fear. Where I find myself hurdling through space and time, perhaps on the way down a hospital corridor to face one of my most frightening fears. In these moments, I will walk, or wallow, or possibly even fly away with fear. Hopefully, I will ask for a hand to hold. Hopefully, one will be offered. But sooner or later, I will have to decide how I will shape the change that is inevitably shaping me.

Amazing, life-shifting fear walks shake me from sleep and light me on fire, however, it’s the everyday acts of fearlessness, or walking with fear, inspire me most. The authentic sparks of connection. When eyes are open. Someone listens. Another speaks her truth. Or I answer from my heart the simply complicated questions such as:

What are you doing now?
How in the world are you making that work?
When will you go back to a real job?

I answer with honesty instead of constricted fear logic. With belief in my journey. With my fear sitting right by my side, or swirling around me, I answer.

And one seemingly insignificant interaction or step into the light, becomes the impetus for another. Mine or yours. (Or even a curious eavesdropper's.) Encouragement for another to speak from her heart. To move forward with her truth. One fear walker inspiring another. No skydiving required.

Amy Friend expresses her heart journey through her jewelry creations ~ Cypress Sun Jewelry
She is almost fearlessly turning 40 today!
You can also find her here


  1. wonderful words to think about! and so great to get to know amy better!

  2. "...sooner or later, I will have to decide how I will shape the change that is inevitably shaping me."

    Love the above words~so very true.

    Yes, Amy, it really is about walking with fear, isn't it? Feeling it all the way down to our toes & doing it anyway.

    Last night i emailed a woman about doing a guest post on her very popular blog. The fear, the "maybe i'm not good enough" was right there with me as i pressed "send."

    One thing i know for sure...the more i do it anyway, despite the fear nipping at my heels, the less hold it has...

    And the freer i become. And there are very few things i can think of that are better than freedom.

    Here's to continuing to step into the light & moving forward with our truth, despite...well, despite it all.

  3. Oh my goodness what a lovely post Julia & Amy! I love the line -- "I always have the option to invite it [fear] in. Offer it a seat, and listen for a moment." Yes, that has been my process for the past year too. I'm big fans of you BOTH--lovely, strong, kind, creative women.. Love & blessings, xoxo Valerie

  4. "I answer with honesty instead of constricted fear logic. With belief in my journey. With my fear sitting right by my side, or swirling around me, I answer."

    I love this! So nice to meet Amy. Her jewelry is so gorgeous. I get to see it dangling from Julia very often, and I always get lost looking at its beauty!

  5. Lovely post. Lovely jewellery.

  6. "...with a smile plastered to the wind."

    For me, that's pretty much it...conjures up a metaphor for approaching anything in life that may bring with it a dose of fear or trepidation for the unknown...physically feeling the life force against your skin as you race head on into whatever is before you. Heart pounding from the rush, perhaps a bit of fear mixed in, but with a smile in appreciation for the moment and for the joy of experience. Oh, and skydiving doesn't interest me a bit either! Thanks Amy and Julia.


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