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Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Here's my latest creation:

***This scan did not pick up the shimmery-ness.  In real life this little guy looks like he is outlined in a shiny golden light--especially when the real sun hits him--same with the painted sun.


This word feels very significant to me right now.

I want so much to embrace it all; each cuddling up moment with my little ones, the soft sweetness of their skin, their little hands that are still tiny enough to fit inside mine, each giggle & question asked.   Each breath of cool morning air, all the health & abundance that surrounds.  The sunshiny sky.  The warm presence of my husband.  The body that i have--the one that sees and hears and walks and talks and knows what i need if i slow down enough to listen.

It's not always easy to embrace what is right before me.  Very often i'm so busy trying to be that i forget to simply be.  I get so focused on trying to do more & trying to do better, i forget to notice all that i am doing.

 I am focusing on embracing the gifts of this very moment, the ones that are right before my seeing eyes; the moss covered oak trees, the coolness coming through the open window, the wind chimes playing their music, the calm of this quiet house.  I can see these gifts very clearly when i  look up and around and inside and slow down enough to breathe them in.

In this moment, i very much embrace it all.  I think this sweet elephant does too.

What are you embracing today?


  1. So sweet. I love Mr. Elephant and his sun. Reminds me to stay centered, to close my eyes and just be. Beautiful that you are seeing everything so clearly--and then there is all of the sweetness that you are adding to it, that wouldn't be there without are the abundance, my friend.

  2. Oh this painting is so great Julia! It makes me smile. You have such a great style that carries through all of your paintings. It's no surprise that I happen to know what you mean about TRYING to be instead of just being. Thank you for this lovely reminder to breathe it in.

  3. love your new painting!

    today i am embracing uncertainty...or is it embracing me?


What are you thinking/feeling? I'd really love to know...

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