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Friday, August 13, 2010

fearLESS Friday with Suzanne Wright

Week 10

A few weeks ago my friend Suzanne & i met for some appetizers/drinks and reconnecting time.  It had been several months since we had seen one another and we had some catching up to do.  We talked about art & about why trying to be "good" at art/creativity so often is what paralyzes us & holds us back. 

We shared stories about moments when we've felt the most peace and what we might do to create a little more heaven-ish-ness here on earth.  I told her a little bit about fearLESS Friday & the inspiration behind it.  It was a very sweet evening.

A few days later, i received the below email from totally made me smile.  I'm so happy you tossed everything aside & took that plunge, Suzanne.  Thank you for sharing the beauty of that sacred moment with us.

*          *          *

Dear Julia,

This happened today so I had to write it up for you:

Braced for a long day of work, my schedule dense with clients, I pushed the red button on the answering machine. Two cancellations! In a row! This would be the day I finally follow that isolated trail I discovered when I was walking my dog, Bear, a few months back. I switched out my Birkenstocks for the funny-looking camo-print Keds sneakers, even though they looked ridiculous with my paisley knit work dress. At the trailhead, I placed a hand on the fuzzy bark of a redwood that reached so high I knew it could talk to heaven. I asked it to help me ground quickly, because this would be a short break.

I followed the trail as it wound to an increasingly isolated area, the sounds of the children playing growing softer and more distant. To my right beyond the bushes I heard a splash so small it sounded like my imagination. I ducked under a fence and followed a narrow trail that opened to reveal a deep green slow-moving stream. The path lead me, hopeful and yet disbelieving, to an open rocky beach. In all the thirteen years I have lived here, I have longed for a quiet spot to rest beside moving water. The wide Willamette could not nurture a quiet spirit as little hidden green jewel of water could.

The water eased past the beach, and as I neared, I noticed a shallow rocky ledge just a foot beneath the surface that dropped into a deeper green. I kicked off my Keds and walked onto the submerged ledge to receive my blessing.

As I looked into that inviting water, knowing what it would feel like to be immersed in the coolness on this hot day, a sign blazed in my brain like a well-lit billboard on a dark highway. Fearless Friday! Julia’s words teased me to taking a plunge back into myself, my old way of life, when skinny-dipping was just something I did every day during a break or after work in the high Sierra Mountains in summers past.

After a quick check in all directions, my pretty paisley dress was in a heap by the shore with all kinds of city-dweller under things. I lunged in with a kid-happy grin and paddled around, realizing that I didn’t have a towel, and would have to air dry on the shore, hoping no one would come this way, and not really caring about it anyway.

One quick plunge, one fearless action, one baptism in joy, one return trip to self.

On the walk out, I placed my hand on the fuzzy bark of the tall cedar, and patted it with a “thank you,” and a grin of a secret shared.

Fearless Friday. Thanks Julia


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  2. I love Suzanne's story. It is so beautiful. I can just picture her there! It feels so decadent!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful inspiring story. It brought tears to my eyes.

  4. That is a beautiful story. I can understand why it made you smile. Showing up for ourselves is a powerful action.

  5. Dear Suzanne,

    What a lovely piece of writing-such a warm wet telling. Thank you for sharing your self. Sincerely,


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