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Monday, August 16, 2010



Oh, sweet moment
I inhale
every part of you
Black, looming clouds
tiny buds
and full blooms
I open wide
my Self to you
I laugh out loud
open my mouth
to the rain
I am full
and overflowing, spilling
out to you.
Finally I See
The space
that knows
no end
I bow to you, sweet moment
Again and again
And again

Yesterday afternoon i had a moment of such sweetness. It's been hot hot hot here the last several days and because we have the gift of having a river right here in our little town, my family & i sunblocked up, grabbed some rafts and floated the afternoon away. We bought the girls their own little floats, ones they could actually lie down on (pillow & all) & roped their little raft onto our bigger one. The sun was blazing but with the coolness of the water and the slight breeze, it was just right.

At one point, when we pulled off on a little beach to snack & swim, i let my body fall all the way into the water, flipped over on my back & just let the current carry me. I didn't have to do a thing but lie there. It was such giddy freedom to let go like that, to completely allow my body be carried downstream. And with my ears submerged in the water, it was the quietest kind of quiet.

At one point, there was quite a distance between me and my family's little rafts & i got the slightest bit panicked but then i just flipped over on my back and let go again.

The above poem is one i wrote a while ago--it rose to the surface as i was submerged in that flowing, healing coolness.

Life is so very precious--the reminders have been all around me lately.

A person very dear to me just learned that her nephew took his own life--he was only 25. Right about this time last year, my husband's cousin ended his own life.

I've been following the story of a woman who was in a plane crash a couple of years ago and nearly lost her life but survived. She is the mother to four children, has been through more pain than i can imagine but her spirit still soars. She started blogging prior to her accident and continues to do so.  I just stopped by her blog and learned that it's been two years today since that plane crash--she has written a beautiful post and has dedicated this day, August 16th, as a day to celebrate life.  You can watch her heartbreaking & incredibly inspiring video here: 

I'm saying a lot here because there is a lot stirring in me...deep, aching sadness for those that don't feel loved enough to live, beautifully inspired by someone who can be an amazing mom/wife & be totally full of love--despite being severely burned, despite extreme pain.  And overflowing gratitude for the many many blessings that surround me.

I so want to spread joy while i'm living on this earth. I so want to savor the preciousness of this life. I so want each & every person on this earth to feel their worth, to feel loved. 

I want to let go of the things that don't really matter and bow to the things that do--again and again and again.

Sending my love to you, dear readers.  May you travel happily downstream today.  May you let go and let go again of all that no longer serves you/that holds you back/that keeps you small.  May you inhale every single sweet moment.  And may you feel fully & deeply loved. 

Please know that you are precious.


  1. So beautiful, my friend, so full of heart and the sweetness of you! If only we can all open to hear the truth of what you have to say, and feel it carry us downstream. Thank you.

  2. What a beautiful day in the sunshine with your family.

    I am so amazed everyday of the new things I learn about life and how truly wonderful it is to be here. I am learning to embrace the joy and free myself to enjoy every wonderful moment life has to offer.

    Enjoy your warm weather and send some our way

  3. Beautiful Julia! Oh, I miss the river there in Corvallis, such bliss. Thanks for sharing the beauty.


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