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Saturday, September 11, 2010

An Afternoon Pause

Instead of folding laundry yesterday afternoon or obsessing about the sad condition of my needy house or planting myself at the computer, i decided (against the better judgment of my pain-in-the-rump-mind) to leave it all and go on a walk with my little one. 

Before we left, i told my five-year-old to gear up for a little adventure, that i was going to take her to a place she hadn't been before.  She put on some leggings, a cute little pink flowery t-shirt and her new red baseball cap with the horses on it that Grandpa gave her.  Oh and her little golden tennis shoes.  My heart melted a little when i saw her.

I grabbed a few snacks & we drove to this little wetland that's only a few miles from our house but for some reason we never get to.  As we stepped out of the car and began walking into the sunshine, her little hand in mine, i knew i had made the right could i have even questioned it?  A walk in the sunshine with my little one...or laundry?  geez. 

It's amazing what my mind likes to get me to think is important and it's so very good when i decide to call bullshit on it.

It was one of those perfectly gorgeous days yesterday, after a few days of cold wetness, the sunshine, mixed with just the right amount of coolness, was just right.  So perfectly perfect. 

And the simple, sweet walk was just the right way to soak it all in.  We paused a few times in the middle of the path to listen to the bird sounds and to feel the sunshine on our faces.  We paused and sat and ate some goldfish crackers (the original kind).  We paused to touch the warm fuzziness of a cattail.  We paused to imagine which little nooks and crannies might be the homes of the fairies.

Several times, i paused to breathe in the unbelievable freshness of the air and to notice the way her still little hand felt in mine.  I reminded myself to remember that it truly is about the simple things--walks, sunshine, fresh air, holding loved ones close, savoring a moment, deep, cleansing breaths & all the pauses between.

And in order to savor all the simple beauty that surrounds me in some form or another, in every single moment, i reminded myself to remember that it really is necessary to call bullshit on my mind.


  1. Wow- so sweet, so true, so beautifully written...

  2. what an amazing time you have with your sweet little one. what amazing memories.


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