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Thursday, September 9, 2010

It's Right Here

I'm home today with my little one (she doesn't start school until next Tuesday).  Drinking tea.  Listening to the most soulful music ever.

My mother-in-law generously gave us a huge bag full of zucchini, fresh out of her garden.  So today we are baking zucchini bread.  My little one absolutely loves to bake, she's quite the natural little home maker.  Though her favorite part is licking the bowl, of course. 

It's gray outside and rainy.  My heart is aching a bit with all i want to do; paint, write, connect with friends, read, get the house back in some kind of livable space...

But i keep bringing myself back to this moment--this kitchen, the smell of baking bread, the sound of the rain, the deep brown of my little beauty's eyes. 

This i know for long as i think "it" is somewhere else ("it" being joy, peace, inspiration, fulfillment, etc...) "it" will continue to elude me.  It's always right here, in this very moment.  There is nowhere to look, nothing that needs to happen.  It's right here in this kitchen.  In the smell of the baking bread.  In the brown of her eyes.  In this very breath. 

A wave of Peace washes over me when i remember to remember this.

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  1. So beautiful--thank you for the sweet, sweet reminder. There is nothing more important. I'm so getting that.


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