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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mind Stuff and A Great Book

"Minds are useful when we need to conceptualize, plan, theorize.  But when we depend on them to guide our inner lives, we're lost.  Minds are excellent at presenting a thousand different variations of the past and conjuring them into a future.  And then scaring us with most of them."  Geneen Roth from her book Women Food And God

I recently read Geneen Roth's new book Women Food And God.  It was one of those books i just soaked right up, i couldn't put it down.  Halfway into it, i was already thinking about it ending & not wanting it to.  It's dense with richness and really helped shift some things for me. 

I love the above quote.  I've been so aware lately of my mind and all the noise it likes to make.  I've been noticing how, in an instant, my worried, shoulding, doubting, questioning, bossy, telling me i-should-be-somewhere else, second-guessing thoughts can rip me right out of a good, quiet, inspired place.  And i've been noticing that when i notice the mind chatter, observe it without attaching to every little thought, i can choose not to go--i can choose to stay with the goodness or with whatever IS.

I have a lot more to say about the mind and this book but right now that place beyond my thoughts is telling me to go pick up a paintbrush....sounds like something i need to listen to.

Happy day everyone.


  1. This came at such a perfect moment for me! Thank you! And so glad you picked up your paintbrush! All there is to do is create, really.

  2. yes! savor the moment/& this dear painted birdie!
    (have you heard that "the brave girls club" is looking for bird submissions?).
    lots of love to balancing your mind & whole self.

  3. Hi there
    oh my goodness i am going to have to get this book. thank you for always inspiring me. your painting is beautiful. i am so excited to recieve my new art in the mail. they will be perfect in my inpiration room.


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