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Thursday, October 21, 2010

All-over-the-place Emotions

I'm feeling very emotional this morning. I just dropped off my pendants/prints for a holiday gift show that starts this evening. My mind & I have been having quite the battle lately...lots of doubting/questioning/feeling-less-than kinds-of-thoughts, so getting the pendants made & dropped off feels like quite an accomplishment & like relief. I'm noticing too that I feel drained and sad. With all the abuse my mind has been throwing at me lately, it makes sense that I would feel tired now. Side by side with the sad, though, is a feeling of pride and a knowing of how important it is to treat myself with love.

I want to share the words I just opened to (in a book called "The 21-Day Consciousness Cleanse" by Debbie Ford). Whew, these words resonate deeply right now & feel like a message that my heart so needed to hear.

"So even though you were born into unique circumstances within a particular family, with a particular set of strengths and challenges, blessings, shortcomings, and opportunities, it is your holy work, your job, to deeply love, honor, and respect the precious self that you are, the soul that only you hold. There is nothing else for you to do but to truly love and nourish the emotionally and spiritually starved parts of you that are crying out for your attention. This is the antidote, the answer, and the solution out of which all divine realizations are born."

I hope you are finding ways to nourish your beautiful, one-of-a-kind soul today.

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  1. Hi Julia,

    Thankyou for this lovely reminder to be gentle with myself today. Isn't it funny how when we reveal those starved parts of our mind we open the door to healing. Carl Jung once said that God speaks to us through our wounds. Acceptance + Love = Peace of mind.

    Love Nige:-)


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