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Friday, October 1, 2010

fearLESS Friday with Rachel Awes

Week 14

Oh!  I get to introduce you to another beautiful woman!  I'm really having way too much fun with this and feel so honored to get a little peak peek into the hearts of these loving beams of light.

I've already gushed a little about Rachel here and now i get to do it again.  I was just on her blog trying to decide which of her pieces to post here today and i noticed there was a little anxiety bubbling could i possibly choose just one?  And then, why do i have to choose just one?  Then it occurred to me that I didn't have to so i'm not going to!

I have this image in my mind of her art filling the sky, like a big painted cloud, for all the world to see...

So, here she is, beautiful Rachel Awes.  I hope she & her art & sweet words get into you as they have gotten into me.  I feel like i have a new space inside filled with the color of her.

Thank you for being here today, Rachel~it's such a joy to have you.

i grew up as a
good girl
& my dad
adored me
for this
& it seemed
to divert my mom's
crazy attention
by creating
more calm
that was too much
to put on a
little one's head
& so if i spoke
honest & strong
it would often
come out
with my voice shaking.

i really knew
how to
listen & love people
& sense their pain
& only move
closer to them
& highlight their beauty
with the
colors of my heart.
oh how i've
that muscle
for a long,
long time.
this was a gift
given me
but i didn't know
how to
use it
quite yet.

i vowed to be
when i grew up
& not be
like some i saw
living with
& sunken spines.
only i didn't know
what this fully meant.

it's taken
a lot of silence
& listening to
the breeze in the trees
& writing down
a lot of my words
& wrestling up
golden truths
that emerge
from experience
like daffodils
& letting big love in
from shining souls
& daring to put
color on paper
& lines that are
only mine
& used
to be
(with increase)
free & freer.

all this
has sculpted my
body & soul,
like a swimmer
(after hours & hours
has a heart-shaped chest)
to become me
in my walking
& full breathing
& it's helped me
to see more clearly
the YOU better
in your
being & braving.

peace & love
to all your becoming
it is
on you.

i am a psychologist, art playgroundist, writer, wife, mother, & friend, who loves listening to the beauty in people. i share here my awe & inspiration from the gold i keep finding.


  1. So, so beautiful. I am truly touched by these words and pictures. So glad you introduced her here and shared her words. When I read her words, I realize we are all really one, and that when you get to the depth of our souls, they all speak the same prayers.

  2. julia, thank you so much for sharing such beautiful and talented woman with us. it is simple, you are not meant to fit were born to stand out and be stunning and shining free. Rachel, this is beautiful.

  3. thank you again for "hosting" my words & drawings & heart. as brooke states, we dooo all speak the same prayers ultimately. love to you all in your deeps. xo

  4. this is so beautiful and inspiring! i am always just blown away by rachel's lovely work! thank you!!!


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