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Monday, October 18, 2010

Kelly Rae

I'm scrambling this morning to prepare for an upcoming show (as in it begins this Thursday) but had to stop by here and point you toward another blog.  I've been following Kelly Rae and her blog for a while now.  She is such an inspiration to me; a real life example of what is possible when you keep stepping toward your bliss.   She's a woman and an artist and now, just in the last few weeks, a mommy.  I so admire the way she stays true and goes after her dreams with every part of herself. 

Reads:  She learned to cup possibility in her hands

Today's post on her blog, written by her friend, Jen Lemon, made me sob.  I can hardly stand the sweetness.  Head over there and read for yourself.  Kelly Rae has written a few posts since she's had baby True that I think every mom should you might want to grab a cup of something & sink into her space for a's just the sweetest of places.

Enjoy your day, lovely readers.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing Kelly Rae with us. WOW she is talented!! I love finding new inspiration. Have a fabulous week and I cant wait to hear how your show turns out. Best of luck my friend.


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