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Thursday, October 28, 2010

"The School of Energy"

It's been a pretty cute morning around here.

The girls are making the most out of their day off of far the three of us slept in a bit, then did a full 45 minutes of yoga together (omg, did I need that!  And wow, is my 8 year old flexible!) in my newly cleaned/cleared art room and they're just about to take off for their second "training run"  (in the rain).

My older one has taken on the role of "teacher" and has decided to call these little "sessions" with her sister, "The School of Energy."  

Serious cuteness. 

Meanwhile, I'm still in my slippers.


  1. HA! I love those two. And the best is "meanwhile, I'm still in my slippers." It is a good day indeed.

  2. I love that "The School of Energy"! Your girls are so darling. I wish you a happy 2nd day with the girls home.

  3. oh my goodness i love this photo and the school of energy!!!! your girls are so precious. so glad you had a great day off together.
    happy weekend

  4. Can I come to class?! Love the photo of your girls - such innocence!

    Hey Julia, today I had a MAJOR clear out, throwing away old useless bits of paper, and delivering a lot of clothes to the Salvation Army clothes bank. And while I was doing it, I thought of you and your recently cleared up art room :) Thanks for shining - your light across the ocean waves has touched my little life xxx


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