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Monday, November 1, 2010

Amy Seeley Goodness

Hello out there.

I'm a bit loony today...the girls have been off school since last Wednesday and, well, I'm in need of a break. And maybe a massage and a quiet walk alone in nature. And some chocolate. And a long nap. And a glass of red wine. And maybe a trip to Italy.

I don't think I could string words together today if I tried so, instead, I'm going to leave you with a little Amy Seeley goodness. Her new album, Plum Coulee is being released at the end of the month (I can't wait)...for a little introduction to that album click here.

Kick back and enjoy the beauty. 


  1. Julia... Amy Seeney GOODNESS! Oh my goodness - Amy Seeney! I love her!

    Thank you for your beautiful comment. I think I love myself more for writing the brutal, brave truth.

    I have just found your poetry. My whole body shivered as I read "Awakening", and I'm not rushing on to read more until I absorb the sweet purity in those precious words. It's a gift to be able to know you through your delicate weaving.

    I totally support you in having the walk/chocolate/red wine, in knowing what you need, and might just see you in Italy!


  2. I hear ya, Julia. That five day weekend was brutal, especially with the kids hopped up on candy the last day. Enjoy your peace today. If you decide to go to Italy, call me. :)

  3. HA! I love that first paragraph! So funny. I am going to check out Amy Seeley. I need some good music to paint to. I plan to finish the piece I've been working on for days today. Thanks Julia!


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