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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Clearing the Path

with Jen Gray

"Tending to my creative life is now happening with a very different
mindset. Today, it is more about learning to hear and give space to the
longings of my soul."   Jen Gray

If you haven't already stopped by Kelly Rae's blog today, I really hope you'll head over there.  Jen Gray has written some deeply beautiful, clear, eloquent, humbling words about what taking flight means to her, it's the same message my spirit has been whispering to me for a long long time.

Happy Tuesday everyone.

Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOM!   I love you so.

return to the root from goose42 on Vimeo.


  1. i am always so inspired by your posts. thank you and happy tuesday to you too!! hope it was spectacular. how are the workouts going??

  2. I love this video. I am sitting here with a cup of coffee, ready to catch up on you. I've missed my visits here friend. Time to catch up! xo


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