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Monday, November 29, 2010

Getting Lucky

I decided a long time ago that I'm not very lucky.  I've had this idea that other people are the ones who win things or have some incredible "chance" encounter with someone or something that sends them into a vortex of abundant, easy-flowing goodness.  Of course, what we believe and think about and focus on creates our reality, so, essentially, I've been the one keeping "good luck" at a distance.

But this seems to be shifting.  If fact, I've been feeling really lucky lately. I've decided I'm going to focus intensely on this so it is sure to expand.  Here are a few of my little lucky things lately:

*The other day at the video store the man checking me out randomly said, You know, I really want you to see this video, I'm just going to comp it for you.

* Last night when my family & I went out for Mexican food, the woman threw in some guacamole for free

*At a recent gathering, I won the door prize...a really great book & a free yoga class.  Up until this point, the only thing I'd ever won in my entire life is a free bungee jump.  It was during my wild & crazy college drinking days and they were raffling it off at a bar...I remember thinking, damn, the only thing I've ever won in my life & it'll probably kill me.  (Nice attitude, huh?)  Luckily, I lived to tell.

*I got an email on Friday saying my "Just Right Donkey" print was chosen for a treasury (on Etsy) by Paradise Pie.   The treasury is entitled "Donkey Days."   

I'm quite enjoying this and am looking forward to continued good luck...I'll keep you posted.   :)  I hope you all had a very lovely Thanksgiving.

P.S:  There is a giveaway in progress...for a chance to win one of my pendants, please click here.  


  1. My friend, this is no streak of luck, you are moving and shifting into your bliss, and you are doing it consistently--and these are the obvious results! I celebrate them with you! I love your little donkey. I hope he gets much more press. I think he is one of my favorites.
    Congratulations! Oh, you didn't mention how you always find four-leaf clovers too! I've never found one, but you found one when I was with you! I couldn't believe it. I didn't think it was possible! Thanks for showing me all the possibilities! XOXO

  2. Hey sister,

    The bit about the bungee made me giggle. I agree with the Brookster when she says that you are moving and shifting into your bliss. Your an amazing woman Julia. Somwhere along the way you decided to make a leap of faith and build yoru wings on the way down. YES!

    Love Nige
    Love Nige

  3. love love donkey days!!! and your steak of luck!! have a fabulous week and say hello to your beautiful family.

  4. donkeys are lucky too! :)

    i'm lucky to know you ~

  5. I hope your good luck streak never runs out, believe in it and it will continue to happen. hugs.

  6. Very cool. I was thinking too, that I am lucky to know you. Funny how we think thoughts that are from when we were younger or whenever and they just stuck. I have a few of them too that it is time to change. It is always heartfelt to visit here.

    And I love your donkey so much.


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