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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I Am Enough, A Guest Post

Despite the burrrrr, cold, persistent rain this morning, it is a good day.

I am over at Tracey Clark's site today, declaring my "I am enough-ness."  This is my first ever post on another's site so it feels extra special.

I wrote about this beautiful collaborative a few months is a little blurb from that post:  

"I Am Enough," is collaborative site and is just the most touching, inspiring thing ever.  Women exposing their beautiful, tender vulnerabilities, women telling the truth-even when those truths may not be viewed as pretty.  I so admire their bravery & courage.

There is so much expansion that comes when we tell the truth/connect/come together/expose/share & accept one another fully-just as we are.  Knowing that we are already enough, even before this or that.  We don't have to wait-- until...we really can step right into our peace, into our power, into our enough-ness in this very moment.  

I am honored to be a part of such beauty.  Please stop by & visit, I would so love to hear from you over there.

P.S:  There is a giveaway in progress...for a chance to win one of my pendants, please click here.  I will announce the winner late in the day on Wednesday, December 1st.  :)


  1. Your guest post was beautiful, as was the poem you shared. I loved the donkey so much it made my face ache. :)

  2. Wow- this is all so great. I have heard of this but never really checked it out. Now I am. Thanks Julia.

  3. this is so exciting and beautiful. thank you once again my friend=)


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