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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My Retreat

"We are here on this earth to fully awaken to life, and we need to start with wherever we are." --Foo Schroeder

I've been away these last few days.  A little retreat to southern Oregon to spend time with an amazingly beautiful woman and artist (who happens to be my husband's aunt, does that make her my aunt-in-law?).  And oh, was it nice and timely and quiet and full & stimulating & peaceful.  We walked and sat in the sunshine, talked and listened and talked some more, wrote, played with clay, asked questions, drank tea, talked, ate yummy, fresh foods from her garden, talked some more...

Feeling lighter
a little more awake
what a sweet thing it is to see
and be seen.


  1. "what a sweet thing it is to see
    and be seen."

    Yes, nothing better! So glad that you had a wonderful time. Looking forward to hearing all about it! Sounds beautiful:) Exhale....

  2. YES
    to retreat
    & seeing/seen
    & awakenings
    & playing
    & lovelovelove.
    a big hug to you in all of it/you!

  3. so glad you were able to get away. sounds so wonderful and peaceful. ahhhh

  4. Welcome back Julia,

    Sounds like you had a peaceful time with your aunt-in-love, finding pleasure in the simple things. Ahh.

    Love Nige

  5. Julia.... thank you for prompting me back into the land of the living. Have been having a hard time, retreating into busy-ness and feeling trapped, literally rushing from place to place and trying to remember to stop and breathe in the middle of it. I explored it a lot in my coaching sesh with Anne-Marie last night, and oh.... it's so simple!

    I am not a victim to my life.

    I have missed reading your words.

    Your time away sounds be-you-tiful (hehe, just thought of that, I quite like it!). Thank you for sharing the simple beauty of your life



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