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Tuesday, November 23, 2010


We're giddy over here!

Its snowed last night (a rare thing for this part of Oregon) which means no school for the girls.

Remember that feeling of thinking you're getting up & going to another day of school & then looking at the clock and realizing you've totally slept in, and then looking out the window & seeing white stuff & then finding out that instead of going to school you get to drink hot cocoa (with whip cream and marshmallows), roll around in the snow, drink more hot cocoa, watch your favorite show, maybe bake some chocolate chip cookies and just hang out in coziness all day?  That's where they are this morning...they're out there "sledding" right now, which is really quite funny seeing as the snow really doesn't even fully cover the ground but they seem to be thoroughly enjoying themselves!  One by one, the little bundled neighbor kids are leaving the warmth of their houses to join them in the fun.

The fire is lit.  The heat is cranked up.  The tea is nice & hot.  The slippers are toasty.  The candle is flickering, sending out the scent of vanilla.  The animals are snoozing.

And there are big, beautiful flakes gently floating down from the sky right now.

As for me, I plan on letting go of all I had planned on doing this morning, slowing way down and settling into some serious cozy BEing-ness.

Feeling so blessed & thankful for all of it.


  1. love to you,
    sent like big snowflakes,
    in your serious cozy BEing-ness.

  2. So beautiful when life slows down, and you actually slow down with it to appreciate it. What a magical post. So glad you guys had such a lovely, sweet day!

  3. Hiya Julia,

    Slowing down to the speed of life. How lovely. This post really touched my heart. Thankyou.

    Love Nige


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