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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What if...

we truly believed that everything, every single thing that is happening in our lives, is happening FOR us not to us?  What if, when it appears that things are not "working out," we trusted that there is something far greater than our little planning minds at work--something all loving, all gentle, all light & beautiful & true- that is guiding us to our higher good?  What if we could let go of the oars and let ourselves be carried gently downstream?

What if it was safe to let go?

My Lily


  1. your lily photo is heaven.
    & your words are heaven-sent.
    how i long to let go of oars & be carried gently. maybe this is my new prayer.
    ~thank you, dear friend.~

  2. Hello Julia,

    I had exactly the same conversation with Ell last night. How bizzarre! Thankyou for reflecting it back to me that it's perfectly safe to let go.

    Love Nige

  3. Hey Julia,

    I read your words yesterday and sent them straight to a friend. But the funny thing is that I'm drawn back here this evening, because it's ME who needs to read them.

    I feel a bit overwhelmed by the amount of activity that there has been in my day today. It's now 11pm and I haven't stopped all day, so I'm going to curl up in bed with my book (The Cellist of Sarajevo - I've just started reading it and it's beautiful!) and have some quiet time.

    Thank you so much!

  4. What if?! Somehow I think that is where it all is at.

    Isn't it amazing how letting go is such a constant process of surrender, and how it just takes you deeper and deeper into it?

    What a beautiful pic of Lily.

  5. That is such an adorable picture. It's funny but this reminds me of the song "unanswered prayers." I know I feel less anxious and happier when I choose to believe that. Now if only I could burn it in my brain so I wouldn't have to keep relearning it! haha


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