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Thursday, December 16, 2010

I know

I know that when I focus on what I can give (rather than what I'm not getting), I feel instant relief.

I know that when I focus on what I have and not what I don't have, I feel grateful & blessed.

I know that when I say thank you, the sky opens up and says, you're welcome.

I know that everything around me just is, it's me that turns it into heaven or hell.  And in any moment, with just a simple shift in focus, I can choose where I will go.

I know that beauty is absolutely everywhere and that when I look for it, I always find it.

I know that when I allow & welcome a feeling (rather than resist the hell out of it), however loud & scary it may seem, the feeling welcomes me.  And a little breath of calm comes and makes the noise less noisy.

I know the answers are always here when I quiet down long enough to listen.

I know that I can drop the shit at any moment.  Or just flush it down the toilet.  I don't have to hold it anymore.

I know that when I step out of my comfort zone I usually become more comfortable.

I know that when I show up and just begin, the rest will take care of itself.  And that "the rest" is really none of my business.

I know that when I nurture myself first, I give in a much fuller, more authentically loving way.  And that when I give in this full authentically loving way, I simultaneously receive.  And that there is no receiving fuller than this.

I know that when I speak the truth and nothing but the truth, I help others speak theirs.

I know that what I resist, persists.  What I focus on, expands.  And what I love, grows.  Always.

I know that when I stop trying to figure it out with my little mind and ask for help, help comes.

I know that every small moment matters, however mundane and ordinary it may seem, and showing up for them fully - with presence and love- is what it means to be spiritual.

I know that this breath connects me to this life and I want to breathe it in fully.

I know that when I laugh, yuckiness goes pouring out & goodness comes pouring in.

I know that I don't want to wait until this or that happens to live fully.  I can begin right now.  Right now.  Right now.  And that you can too.

I know that my little, thinking, analytical, logical, trying-to-put-it-all-in a box mind doesn't really know anything and that when I acknowledge that I really don't know, there is room and space for that deeper part of me, the part of me that knows nothing outside of Love, to rise to the surface & reveal what is real and right and True.


  1. Such resounding knowing here. Thank you. Thank you for holding the space of knowing, so that I can return there. Welcome home!

  2. I am going to print a copy of this and read it every day.

    I love you, Julia. Your writing rocks my world.


  3. this is just what i needed. thank you!=)

    do you mind if i email this post, with a link to your page?

  4. How powerful! The universe knows that I needed to read your words today. Thank you for sharing this with all of us.

  5. Hi Kelli,

    I can't seem to find your email address so hopefully you'll check back here. No, I don't mind at all--what an honor!

    To everyone...thank you so much for leaving your sweet words here, they warm my heart right up.

    With love,


  6. julia,
    i love your EVERY SINGLE WORD!!!
    your presence & words nourish me.
    i sing to the sky my love for you!!
    oh where do you live?!!
    pleeeease come have coffee/tea w/me!

  7. Julia,
    thank you so much for these words. I have read and re-read them, and printed them out and put in my bag, to keep them with me and go back to them when I need reminders: they are so beautiful and so true.
    thank you for sharing and caring.

  8. An attitude of gratitude. Brilliant post Julia. Your a star!

    Love Nige

  9. Hello new friend,

    I LOVE this post. Just reading it I felt my body relax and my mind & heart agree with each statement. Thank you.

  10. I just discovered you, your blog and I'm so happy about it! I also love this post and look forward to looking around here more deeply! :-)

  11. Truely wonderful knowing, I'm compiling a new list of my own knowings, love that I discovered this, love your site!!


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