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Monday, December 20, 2010

Time Out

"Remember, the entrance door to the sanctuary is inside you." Rumi

I'm taking a moment out of the flurry of pre-holiday busyness to sit in a coffee shop and sip chai tea.  I even managed to get myself to the gym this morning and, oh, how good it felt to do something nurturing for my body.  It's been nonstop holiday treat eating/drinking lately (which is fun too) but I think enough is maybe enough...though I'm not saying I won't continue to indulge.  Chocolate peanut butter balls & peanut brittle and pumpkin pie with real whip cream and sugar cookies shaped like stars and bells and snowmen.  And does one resist?

It's cold & rainy outside (a pretty typical winter day in Oregon).  It feels nice to be good and warm and inside.  It also feels nice to have a moment to sit quietly and reflect--the days have been full of family/extended family togetherness, which has been fun and festive, but I am a person that refuels best if I have a little time to be with just me.  So that's the gift I'm giving myself this morning.

On Christmas day we have 15 or 16 people coming to our home for some more indulging so this feels a bit like the calm before the storm.  Though, really, I like storms, so this is the calm that will help me enjoy the storm more. 

Life is so full with all of its many contrasts.  More and more I am learning how to flow with what is and how much quieter my insides are when I flow rather than resist. 

My time in this space will probably be pretty limited over this holiday time.  My little ones are jumping-up and-down-excited for Christmas (which really means they can't wait to open presents!)...and I'm excited to sit back and soak in their innocent bliss.

I hope you are all making time for some self-nurturing in the midst of all the other stuff.  And embracing what is. 

Sending love & warmth & holiday cheer to each of you.


  1. love to you
    in oregon
    & in your insides
    & merry christmas!
    a big huuuug to you!!!!

  2. Happy you've been having fun and that you are able to take time for yourself. Just received your beautiful family picture and it makes us feel like we're with you.

    Have a blast (and good luck) with 15+! And, keep on enjoying the blissful moments with your sweet family. Love to you all from us.

    Happy Solstice!!

  3. Merry Christmas Julia...

    "I am a person who refuels best if I have a little time to be with just me."

    Soaking in their innocent bliss, I trust that you will be able to give this to yourself, and my intention for Christmas is to do the same, so that I can be present and allow myself to feel the spaciousness inside... so that I can be present and love.

    What a gift you are in my life xxx


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