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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My New Love

Oh my!  I'm giddy over here!  I haven't mentioned it yet in this space, but for Christmas (as a very special treat from my generous parents) we got a brand new incredibly lovely electric piano.  To say that I'm excited about this would be a slight understatement.

On Christmas day, had you been a little fly on our wall, you would have found me here, fighting with my five-year-old about who would get to play next...the two of us just couldn't get enough.

After this shiny new treasure was revealed, I immediately downloaded some really simple songs (crossing my fingers that at least a tiny bit from my childhood lessons would come back to me).  And, to my giddy delight, stuff did come back!  I have now completely mastered the level one version of "Do Your Ears Hang Low!"  I must have played that song fifty times on Christmas day and the few days following.  The selection I downloaded online was very minimal.

But then today happened!

Two boxes packed full of my (and my siblings) old piano books showed up on our doorstep!  Oh my goodness.  

So, if you were a fly on our wall tonight, you would find me here playing all kinds of grand songs from my old books and then, after playing each song, smiling a big smile while clapping very loudly for myself.  These books even have my name on the cover (printed in my little me handwriting), along with stickers on the pages that my teacher gave me when I "mastered" a song.

And here's the really amazing part...when I started pulling those little treasures out of the box, I immediately recognized the ones that had been mine, and, with my heart racing seriously fast, I brought them over to the piano and! a few of the songs!  I could just play right they were totally stored in my memory somewhere!  (I think my last lesson was nearly 30 years ago...omg.)

So, that's it for now.  I just had to share.  Now, back to the music.

P.S:  I probably won't be writing on here for a few days....tomorrow afternoon I will be having my thumbnail cut into (biopsy)...something that has been looming ever since my doctor (& then a dermatologist) grew a bit alarmed at a black streak beneath my nail.   Apparently black streaks beneath nails are not necessarily a good thing.  I would love it if you'd keep your fingers (or thumbs) crossed for me.  :)


  1. I have this image of you sat at the electric piano playing and giggling with your little girl. How lovely.Play on Play on..

    Love Nige

    p.s Got my fingers crossed for ya XXX

  2. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you, Julia, and sending lots of wishes that everything may be allright!!!

    And thank you so much for this post: your enthusiasm and joy are truly contagious!
    I hope you can go back to playing your new piano very soon!

  3. Yay, yay, yay! I'm so glad they are taking care of the nail! Here's to hoping it's nothing at all and that the biopsy doesn't hurt a bit. (and very cool about the keyboard. we had a similar experience complete with delivery of the childhood books except I still cannot play worth a lick!).

  4. So glad you are finding joy in your new addition! Very inspiring for me, and a part of my healing at the keyboard, I'm sure.

    Sending love and courage. And a big thumbs up!

    Love ya, sweet one.

  5. So excited for you with the new addition to the family! How cool are parents that save those books, too?!

    Hope the biopsy was smooth and that you get feedback that is quick, helpful, and not alarming.

    Love you xo

  6. some of your life soundtrack has come rushing in...isn't that amazing & mysterious & heartalicious?!
    now i'm trying to think of a simple song for your thumb...i'm blanking but i am wishing it in nonetheless for you, w/fingers crossed.
    looooove you! xoxox

  7. Oh Julia!

    Firstly, you will have had your biopsy by now (and I have spotted a new post you've written) so I am crossing my fingers in retrospect for you.

    What a wonderful, joyful discovery! I am so excited for you as you rediscover the piano and all its mysteries. You keep coming up in my journalling - how I'd love to just sit and share a cup of tea with you and talk about life...

    Love you xxx

  8. Oh WOW! I can feel your joy and excitement through your post! This is a beautiful coming together of things. I am so relieved for you that the procedure went well. You are in my thoughts beautiful one!


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