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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Acknowledging the Good

"Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance."    Eckhart Tolle,  A New Earth

I have been thinking about how I often focus on what isn't going well or what didn't go well, what isn't happening, what I "should" have done differently.  For example, if I have a not so pretty parenting moment, even though  every other interaction with my kids that day may have been good & happy, I tend to dwell in what didn't go well...wishing I had handled things differently, upset that things didn't go smoothly.  There are all kinds of examples of where this is true in my life.  

I've decided I will make a list each day of all that is going well, of all that was beautiful and friendly and happy and comfortable and pleasant, along with the things that may have looked ugly at first but turned into something quite beautiful (which is so often the case).  

I know that where I choose to put my attention has everything to do with how I feel.  Everything.  And that what I focus on expands.  Always.

I know too that I have a choice, in every single moment, to be present with what is, to focus on where life is working beautifully, or to want and wish for something "better."  It is always my choice.  Circumstances will always change and evolve, people will continue to do what they will do.  If I am attached, with my little mind, if I think something needs to happen before I can feel peace, I will continually be tossed all over the place.

It's never about what is actually happening, it's about my thoughts about what is happening.  What a beautiful, freeing thing it would be to get to a point where my peace doesn't depend on anything "out there."

Sounds like abundance to me.

What's gone well in your day?  What has been beautiful & just right?


  1. Julia, thank you for this post. It's just what I needed to be reminded of today. Just this morning I was realizing how often I focus on the things I wish I would have done, or would NOT have done, rather than focusing on the beauty all around me and within me. Your words were just the inspiration my heart was needing right now.

  2. YES! This abundance vibe is catching and I love love love it!

  3. yes to abundance/focusing on the good..
    my scrumptious morning cup of coffee,
    remembering my dreams,
    quiet in the house..

  4. 'I know that where I choose to put my attention has everything to do with how I feel. Everything. And that what I focus on expands. Always.'

    Yes, this is so true. It really is all about where we choose to focus. Thank you for making it easy to focus into the light, because I don't know anyone as committed as you at finding the goodness.

  5. Julia,

    You've touched my heart again!

    Just last night I was whining to my husband about how much I "haven’t done" with our daughter. I'm referring to all the art and sewing projects, new baking recipes to explore together, and the trips into the city that I still want to do with her. The cuddling, hair brushing, quite times and intimate talks are abundant. So, after I made the comment, "I wish I had done more with Sage,” my husband looked at me, and by his expression, I knew that I have done more than enough.

    It is so amazing how sometimes those gremlins can be so out of line, so wrong, and so uninspiring.

    I love how you seem to write and express the things I feel and experience.

    Julia, You do enough, you have enough and you are enough! Yes, let’s focus on ALL the beautiful things we do.
    Hugs to you, my friend.


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