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Monday, February 7, 2011

Breaking Rules

"All rules are based on what has worked before, or on what we think it means to do it right.  Rules take us away from ourselves, from our true feelings, because we are then striving to achieve rather to create.  Creating is a gesture without precedent, and no rules apply."  
~Michele Cassou

What would you create/do today

if there were no rules?

if you couldn't screw up?

if you/it didn't have to be good?

if you weren't worried about what others would think?

if you weren't afraid?

if you felt the fear and did it anyway?

if there was no one to impress?

if there were no shoulds?

if you didn't need to know what comes next?

if you weren't afraid to be free?

if you listened to that little whisper?

if you couldn't fail?

if you trusted the process?  If you trusted yourself?

if you followed the joy?

if you simply let yourself begin?


  1. Beautiful lady... see my answers to your incredible questions on my blog! xxx

  2. i looooove your questions!
    i think i love everything that flows through your heart! huuuuuuuuuuuug! oxo

  3. I love breaking rules, especially the ones that keep you from living a juicy life, and following your big brave heart! Sending love!

  4. Oh wow- if I didn't worry about what others would think? If I didn't have to be good? Those are the two big ones for me.

  5. If I followed those things, I'd be lost. . .


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