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Friday, February 4, 2011

fearLESS Friday

...with my sweet little one

Below is  a drawing created by my sweet, brave eight-year-old, Marielle.  I just love the words she chose to put with her little creation.

Every year our local newspaper puts on a holiday drawing contest & my girls have participated the last two years.  Last year my youngest daughter won (which was a little bitter sweet since her older sister did not).  Marielle was a little hesitant to enter this year, concerned that she would not win, but after a little talk about just enjoying the process, she decided to go ahead and participate.

So, this year when I got the call that my five-year-old had won (again), though I was very happy for her, my heart sank a bitknowing how disappointed Marielle would be.   And she was.  But with lots of hugs and tears and some talking, she was able to (mostly) let it go.  

It's so easy to get discouraged & paralyzed with fear when we think others won't like what we do or create, to stop creating because others tell us (or we tell ourselves) we're not good enough.  It's easy to feel less than when we compare ours with theirs or think it needs to be "good" or the best.

I so want my little ones to let go of "good," to create for the sheer joy of creating, because it lights up their matter what anyone thinks or doesn't think, says or doesn't say.  Whether they win or not, get comments or not, sell or not, get published or not.  Even when it feels scary.

I want them to allow their sweet little unique, just right Lights to shine, shine away...right out into the great wide world.  With freedom & abandon.  And trust & surrender.

I want that for me too.  And for you.

Marielle is eight years old & in the 3rd grade.  She loves to swim and write and read and sing and dance.  And she really wants to start riding horses.  She loves all kinds of animals.  She thinks she might want to be a veterinarian or a singer.  Or maybe a jewelry maker.  She is intense and kind and sweet hearted.  And quite a little beauty.


  1. Oh Julia!!

    Marielle... you are beautiful and your picture won my heart. I think you have a beautiful gift for making things sparkly and bright.

    I think I would like to be a jewelry maker or a singer when I grow up, too.

    Elloa xxx

  2. i love her beautiful artwork!!!! it melted my heart. sending lots of love and hugs to you.

  3. Dear Marielle,

    I am so glad that you put your drawing up here for all to see. It made my night, and my girls enjoyed seeing it with me. It is beatiful, and you are so brave for creating and entering the contest even if you didn't win. I hope you'll keep entering every year no matter what! I want to be brave and try just like you!


    Brooke (and Madeleine and Caitlyn)

  4. This made my heart burst! Marielle I love that you just enjoyed the process and entered the contest. You are an artist!

    With much love for you both...Lori


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