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Friday, February 25, 2011

fearLESS Friday

"You must give voice to what you long for in the deepest place in your heart." Debbie Ford

I'm all over the place this morning. In last week's fearLESS Friday post I said that I would come here each Friday with a stretching/expanding exercise of some sort. The reason I feel overwhelmed is not because I don't have one, it's because I have too many. Where to begin with all of this? Sometimes my head gets so full of thoughts/feelings/inspiration, I get all wound up & twisted around.

So, there. I'm beginning where I am. Feels good to get that out.

As I'm writing this now, I see this persistent, perpetual pattern so clearly. When I get into that place of overwhelm (which happens a lot) I often become paralyzed. And instead of simply beginning (which I constantly say is the thing to JUST DO) mind becomes this all-encompassing resistance machine. It just stops me in my tracks.

How long have I know this about myself?

I did the same thing yesterday evening when I was contemplating going on a run (it's too cold, too rainy, I'm too tired, it's too late, I'll just do it tomorrow). Thankfully, my husband (who is even more aware of these patterns in me than I am) pushed me out the door (not literally). And, as usual, the minute my feet hit the ground, I felt relief at just beginning. Half way into the run, I started twirling around (literally) first I did it when I knew no one was looking (I was running on a track with a few others) and then I didn't care anymore-I would just stop running for a while and just twirl around. It felt so good.

Okay, so now that I've moved through the getting started resistence...

Here is this week's stretching exercise (from Debbie Ford's book 21-Day Consciousness Cleanse)

"Desire is your most primal, inborn motivator to become fully expressed, inspired, and passionate and to fulfill your soul's mission on earth. It is one of your most powerful friends and guides. Desire is the most important catalyst for bringing about radical change." Debbie Ford

Take 10 minutes (or until your list feels complete) to write down a list of all of your deepest heart desires-things that you want to achieve in the outer world and those that you long to feel inside. Use the rules of writing practice (that I listed in this post...keep your hand moving, don't stop until the time is up, don't edit.  Just let it flow out all over the place.

Now, reflect on your answers and select one inner desire & one outer desire that you want to focus on right now. What can you begin doing to start moving (or keep moving) you in the direction of these deep desires?

Here are mine:

Inner desire: My inner desire is to clear away all thoughts/patterns/behaviors that no longer serve my highest good.

What will I do to move toward this desire?

I will continue to focus on all the places where there is abundance in my life. I will continue to practice getting quiet every day. I will continue my "butterfly" list. I will continue to visualize the manifestation of my "outer desire."

Outer Desire: (This feels a little scary to put out there.) My deepest outer desire is to encourage & inspire others to blossom into their best, most authentic selves so that they can live lives that overflow with love and possibility and passion.

What will I do to move toward this desire?

I will continue to step out of my comfort zone and put my truth out there (in the form of this blog). I will continue to work on all of my inner desires so that I am giving the very best of myself. I will continue to make connections with beautiful women who are committed to living from their deepest, truest selves.

Whew! This has been a challenging post to write. Definitely having to move through some serious resistance and discomfort here.

Okay, your turn!  Please use the comment section to share (if you want)  :)

P.S: I am continuing to add to my "butterfly" list, to see updates, just click here (or at link at the top of the page)


  1. This is a great post. I read it while listening to "Little Wonders"
    I would like to be still, silence the fidgit of busyness.
    I would like to risk going out for the job

  2. Julia, you must know that you are already fulfilling that desire to encourage and inspire others, because you are inspiring me with your post here as well as many others. Thank you!

    I stepped out of my comfort zone this week and shared a self portrait that really shows my face up close. In doing this I was exposing a part of me to my community, but to just get it posted online I went through a lot of mental anguish.

    Then I found out that I was not alone, because many of the other women in the same community shared the same fear and vulnerability in posting their portraits, too.

    When you speak of stepping out of your comfort zone and putting yourself out there with this blog...I really understand that. Thanks for the great example here. I look forward to more inspiration as we share this journey.

  3. i feel such a connection to your writing. i come here daily to listen, to be nourished, to feel a connection to what is going on for me in my life right now. thank you.
    my listen to my truth
    my be an encouragement to those around me.

  4. Julia, this is just wonderful! I have been going through the same resistance patterns (not surprising!) and to be honest, my deepest inner desire right now is also to clear away all of these patterns of thought and belief that have been holding me back from flying free. This has already begun so I am so grateful for that. I will sit down with my outer desires a bit more today.

    You are already encouraging and inspiring so many others to blossom and are spreading so much love around. I know it will continue to expand in so many beautiful ways. You are flying free my dear friend and inspiring us all to do the same. Thank you immensely.

    Love to you!

  5. Friend, so good to see this space that you've created blossom into your outer desire. You absolutely are manifesting it and I'm blessed to be one of many to experience it. Thank you for your courage, authenticity, and beauty. You are a shining light and as I write this I have an outer desire to reach out and squeeze you :)

    My inner desire is to listen. Simply listen.

    Love to you xoxo

  6. You are doing some beautiful stuff here, my friend! I was feeling sad that Mondo ended, but now, I am realizing that I can just come to your blog for some much needed breaking free exercises and writing practice. Thank you for you! So glad you are feeling inspired!

    Sending love,


  7. BecauseofGrace, Deb, Anonymous, Alia, Rebecca, Brooke--I so appreciate your sharing, your encouragement, your presence here.

    Thank you for taking the time to connect.

  8. You made me laugh out loud, Julia. I've done the twirling thing, too. (Sometimes I skip. Or leap over puddles.) I'm pretty sure twirling counts as a lateral movement drill. ;)

  9. this is very inspiring, julia. our desires are similar. and yesterday i found myself skipping through my house.=)

  10. Sending you so much love Julia. I want to say something so wise after reading this but I am just taking it in, sitting here in my bed with a cup of tea. xoxoxo
    PS: I can SO relate to your overwhelm/resistance pattern


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