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Monday, February 21, 2011

A Little Gift for You

You are never alone
You can trust your open heart
You are a precious gift
You know what to do

I made these sweet little "Truth Cards" and I'm so excited to share.  There are 80 little phrases/affirmations/truths/bits of inspiration/questions.  Some of you may remember my little list of "I knows" from a few months ago, I have included those (slightly altered), as well as the "Breaking Rules" questions (posted a couple of weeks ago).

Above are a few of the 80...they are ready to print (I printed mine onto card stock paper) and cut and placed into your favorite, little, special container to pull from whenever you are called. Consider them little guides, little words of encouragement to counter all of those not-so-nice things we sometimes say to ourselves (or others say to us).  Little reminders to come back to your highest Truth.  

They are one-sided, so you can write your very own little truths on the back if you want to.

I have mine in a special little box that my sweet sister gave me.  The outside of the box says, "Ride Your Dreams with Courage."  I love that.

They are print ready...just click here.   And enjoy.  :)

*P.S:  Today was day three of my getting quiet.  I sat out on my front deck, on a comfy cushion...watched myself breathe, listened to the birdies singing madly, felt the cool air on my face, caught my mind wandering several time and brought myself back to my breathing, the bird sounds, the sun.  It was beautiful.  In just three days of this, my mind has quieted a bit, all kinds of ideas and inspiration are pouring in...I'm sure there are other reasons for this but, wow, this feels so so very good for my spirit.  


  1. ohhh i adore these!!! thanks so much for sharing! xoxoxo

  2. How kind of you to share these great truth cards! Thank you very much. My mother and sister are my Dad's primary caregivers and I know they will appreciate these always but especially during the more energy-zapping times.

  3. Wow! Thank you for these. That is so generous of you.

  4. Oh Julia, thank you so much for these!!! You know they are just what I need right now. You are amazing.

  5. Oh my goodness! You read my mind! As soon as I saw the photo, I uttered out loud, "Oh my God" and was going to ask you to make me some and ship them to England!

    Thank you so much Julia... your gift is received with arms wide open xxx

  6. Happy Beautiful Birthday, dear Julia! I wanted to put this in huge letters at the top of your blog! :) I celebrate this day with you in love and gratitude. You are a blessing in my life, and the lives of so many others.

    Love and birthday hugs,

  7. I love these Jules :) I remember when you made me a version on these a while back, I still have them. Such a good idea. You are so creative I love seeing all the new wonderful ideas you become inspired to do.
    Love u,

  8. Oh I never saw these Julia! What a beautiful gift. I will be printing mine out soon. You are truly a bright light in the world.

  9. what an awesome gift :~) thank you can't wait to print them tomorrow

  10. this is my first visit to your site and it is lovely! Thank you so much for your generous spirit!

  11. Gorgeous Idea, thank you :)


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