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Saturday, February 19, 2011


Regarding yesterday's fearLESS Friday post,  and the question I posed...

is there something you know would be good for you that you continue to not do?  Is there something that you could commit to doing daily (or as often as you choose) that would step you more into your power, that would nurture you & stretch you?  Something that might send you soaring?  

If the idea of committing to 41 days of getting quiet sounds like something that would nurture you/stretch you, I would love to have some company!  What do you think?  

*Day 1:
  of getting quiet

This morning I sat for 20 minutes...I sat while my eight-year-old screamed in the next room (she was very upset because she wanted to make the smoothie), I sat while the dog whined to get out, I sat with the chirping birds and the little beams of sunlight coming through the window, I sat with my busy mind that really wanted to pick up a book or a pen...I just sat there with all of it.  And it was good.

Sending you beautiful people a ton of love this morning.


  1. Julia,

    How timely your message is for me! I have been thinking, and actually making notes about those things I put off each day that I know would be good for me to - that would nurture me.

    The question you pose about something that would be good to continue NOT to do...ah, this one gets me in the heart. Lots of thinking patterns that I need to stop, and live in the present moment instead.

    I so appreciate your words today. Bless you!

  2. Julia, I am joining you in 41 days of getting quiet. I certainly know the challenges for us moms with this one (I have a 7 year old boy) yet I also know the importance of it. It is time for me to really listen. There is so much coming to the surface that wants to be heard. This is a beautiful commitment and I am with you in this practice. Today, I begin.

    Love to you!

  3. Julia I am going to do this with you too. I think it is a great idea. I do so value my quiet time. love right back to you.

  4. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeet!

    Quiet is hard for me to find, but I so love it. I love that moment when the mind realizes what it's supposed to do, shuts up, and leaves me be for a little while. Bliss!

  5. Alia & Cinner...I'm absolutely thrilled that you are coming along with me on this! I feel the beauty unfolding already.

    Deb & Effy...I so appreciate your presence & words here. Thank you for taking the time to connect.

    Sending love to each of you beauties,



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