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Sunday, February 27, 2011


I came across the below poem on Edie Kugler's site, What We Create (thank you for introducing this beautiful poem to me Edie).  It's one of those poems that immediately gave me chills and I knew I had to share.  It reminds me so much of a poem very close to my heart, How to Paint a Donkey, a poem I've introduced here on a few occasions and that inspired my "Just Right" donkey painting.

Get really quiet for a minute and ask yourself:  What would I do/create today if I listened to that deepest place in my heart?  If there was no such thing as a mistake?  If I couldn't fail?  If I allowed myself to be fully free?  If I trusted that whatever I did/created would be just right?

"Just Right"

by Alexis Rotella 

In first grade Mrs. Lohr  
said my purple tipi  
wasn't realistic enough, 
that purple was no color 
for a tent, 
that purple was a color 
for people who died,  
that my drawing wasn't 
good enough  
to hang with the others. 
I walked back to my seat  
counting the swish swish swishes 
of my baggy corduroy trousers. 
With a black crayon  
nightfall came  
to my purple tent  
in the middle of an afternoon. 

In second grade Mr. Barta  
said draw anything;  
he didn't care what.  
I left my paper blank  
and when he came around  
to my desk  
my heart beat like a tom tom.  
He touched my head  
with his big hand  
and in a soft voice said  
the snowfall  
how clean  
and white  
and beautiful


  1. i love your just right donkey...just like you are just right (beautifully!)...
    what a haunting & poignant poem..i'll love to check out the website.
    looove to you! xox

  2. Julia, thank you for this. I fell in love with your donkey painting the first time I saw it.

    This poem has shifted my perspective and given me a new outlook on my own creativity.

    I have been wanting to create something in particular for so long now. Today, I begin. You have inspired me.

    Loving you my dear friend.


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