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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Because of Grace...a new painting

"Grace fills empty spaces, but it can only enter where there is a void to receive it, and it is grace itself which makes this void. "-- Simone Weil

"Because of Grace"
*Click on painting to enlarge*

I'm having a hard time putting words to this new painting...

This sweet little guy is just so precious to me.  He brings me back to my childhood--to Samson Little, the little red dachshund who, as a little girl, was my best buddy.  He was the best ever listener.  He sat quietly beside me when I needed to get a good cry out, he never once asked me to stop before I was done.  He curled up next to me at night.  He let me tell him stories.  His sweet little presence comforted me when nothing else did.

I so loved that dog. 

I painted this painting for my sweet Dad who has had such a deep connection with all of our dachshunds.  After Sam, there was Fritz Van Liebchen Hausen, the miniature black and red dachshund that became paralyzed (in his back legs) at a young parents did everything for that dog.  He and my Dad were bonded in a way words can't touch.  In all of Fritz's struggles, there was something there that always shined through...a knowing that he was in good hands?  An understanding.  Grace?  I don't have words. 

The little painting above says it all, whatever I'm trying to describe is there.  No words necessary.


  1. i love every inch of "because of grace".
    those are the most beautiful listening ears
    i have ever seen.
    if she could come to life, like pinocchio,
    i would love to give THIS dog to our family.

  2. so sweet, julia. i'm in love with the colors and textures, the sun and of course the precious dog! xoxo

  3. Julia, this beautiful little dog is warming my heart today. I absolutely love and adore this painting. Thank you for sharing this gift. Grace has come into my life so powerfully lately, through you, as you. You are such an inspiration to me.

    Love to you my dear friend!

    P.S. We had an earthquake on March 11 (Last night) at 1:11am!!! Just a small Bali earthquake - the actual quake was in the sea. I just thought you would like that number synchronicity!

  4. Beautiful painting, friend. What a tender story. Thank you for sharing. I so love the thought of a sweet animal bringing grace to your little girl self.

  5. I am tearing up. What a lovely story. That is the sweetest painting of a little dog that I have ever seen. I can see why. Sending you so much love Julia.

  6. I love this little painting. He is so heavenly. The sweetness that people don't get here, is to see how much you love him in person. How you speak about him with your whole heart--how in his sweet little face is reflected your own heavenliness. Dear Julia, you and your creations make this world a heaven to me. I thank you for following you heart and being brave enough to be all of you. I just love you.

  7. Oh Julia.... this is just beautiful. I can picture you whispering your deepest secrets into his ears, your legs crossed as you sit together on soft earth, a companion beside you, devoted utterly.

    I love you, beautiful lady. Your creations make my heart soar.

    Elloa xxx

  8. So I definitely started crying when I read your words about this wonderful new painting. I Love it Jules. I really want one, maybe you can try to recreate it for me, it's so dear. I'm sure dad will absolutely adore it. I love you
    Your sister.

  9. What a wonderful hound! Only a pure heart could have created it. Sweet daughter, you are truly a blessing. Love, Dad


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