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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Day 11 butterflies

Today I'm so thankful for/that

1)   the awareness that I don't have to chase my thoughts around in circles
2)   the knowing that I am safe & held
3)   the knowing that in every single thing/experience/person there is a gift
4)   a quiet evening
5)   I have committed to this 41 days of getting feels so good to keep showing up
6)   the big, green, yummy salad my husband made for dinner
7)   fun time doing art & playing soccer with my girls today...lots of giggling goodness
8)   my cozy, comfy slippers
9)   my legs...they carry me wherever I want to go, I so appreciate them
10) spring is fully in the air
11) trust...I truly trust that all is as it should be, that I am held & loved and that there is no limit to what I can create/do/be


  1. beholding you & your words is the same
    as is taking in the hummingbird

  2. So beautiful of you to notice all of this. I especially love the trust.

    Sending love, my friend!

  3. Julia, number 11 - trust - thank you for reminding me of this. It has made all the difference for me right now. Of course this is listed under number 11. :) Love you, my dear friend.

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