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Friday, March 18, 2011

fearLESS Friday with Alia Indrawan

My Very First Interview!

I just happened upon a word.   I've decided that it's my new favorite ever word.  It's not a coincidence that I would get reacquainted with it right before I was about to come here and introduce you to one of my favorite ever people. This is how things have been for me seems that just when I need or want something, there it is--right in front of me, at exactly the right moment.  That's how I happened upon Alia and this word that describes her so perfectly.


1. radiating or reflecting light; shining; glowing 
2. full of light; well-lit
3. (Physics / General Physics) (of a physical quantity in photometry) evaluated according to the visual sensation produced in an observer rather than by absolute energy measurements luminous flux luminous intensity Compare radiant
4. easily understood; lucid; clear
5. enlightening or wise

I feel so deeply honored to have connected with Alia.  I could go on and on about how we were brought together but I think I'll save that for another post. It's amazing to think that we haven't yet met in person--it's one of those connections that feels like it's been here forever.  I'm so grateful.

So today, in my first role as interviewer (can you sense my giddy-ness?), I get to share her with you.  Thanks so much, Alia, for taking the time to so beautifully answering these questions.

(Me)  What is your deepest heart’s desire? 

(Alia)  I am not used to asking myself what I truly desire.  I often get intimidated by this question!  I sometimes think of the list of things and experiences that I desire, yet what I always come back to is this:  I truly and completely desire to express love into this world.  I desire to know my own authentic self, express this authenticity in everything I do, and be a part of the process of inspiring others to open up to their true essence as well.  This is a deep desire for me, not just a “sounds good” answer.  Yes, I desire financial flow, more good books, radiant health, and a trip back to the States.  I admit it!  The deeper desire is that I really wish to be a part of the shift in this world from fear to love.  How this is to happen is beyond my awareness at this time.  I know that it will unfold as it is meant to.  Trust – something I am opening to more and more.

How did you get from there to here?  What twists and turns have led you to where you are today?

I have had so many twists and turns on my path.  I like to think of it as an ever-expanding spiral.  With each experience, I grow a bit more.  I have been through divorce, near-death, moving to the other side of the world with a 5 month old baby, waking up with $5 left to my name, and feeling as low as it comes.  From all of that, I have risen above my fears and perceived limitations, embraced my true self, and decided that there is so much more to my life than struggle.  The compassion and kindness that I experienced amidst the “darkness” has been so beautiful and enlightening.  I now wish so much to spread the same light into the lives of others that has been so generously given to me.

If you could go back in time and have a heart-to-heart conversation with your sweet younger self, what would you most want to say to her?

I want her to know how very deeply loved she is, no matter what she may hear or feel from the world around her.  She is so beautiful just the way she is.  She is safe and protected in this world.  She has the loving power to be absolutely anything she desires.  I want her to know that she is free to fly – there is no limit to love.

How do you nurture yourself?  How do you keep things light and fun in your life?

I have a nurturing sacred space, which is also the place I write and work in.  I surround myself with beauty every day.  I light candles, use pure essential oils, have fresh flowers around me, and immerse myself in the beauty of nature.  I absolutely love to read and find time for this every day.  All of this is so nurturing to my spirit.  Being a mom keeps things light and certainly fun!  My little boy, Jordan, is 7 years old now and I just love my time with him.  His free spirit is my reminder to lighten up, laugh, and just be in the present moment.  I love comedy films - the sillier the better.  Laughing just lightens everything in my life.

What/who inspires you?  What makes you come alive? 

I am so deeply inspired by women who are courageously opening up to their authentic selves and living their dreams.  When I am in the presence of these women, I am reminded of my own power within.  I become inspired to express my creativity in ways I never thought possible. 

I am most alive when I am facilitating a workshop or a talk.  Something just flows through me that I can only describe as a “flow” of energy that is moving me and expressing as me.  Whenever I have an opportunity to be a part of someone’s awakening to her true essence, I feel completely alive.
When fear decides to take hold, how do you re-center, how do you move through and come out on the other side?

My mind loves to run with fear.  There are times when it becomes paralyzing.  Really.  Last year I became so fearful of the intensity of where I live that I would get very close to panic every time I left the house.  It took over my life.  What helped me then and helps me right now is to open my heart to love, completely.  Not just some of the time – all the time.  When I began to embrace fear rather than resist it, the power I gave it was no longer there.  I recently had a little fear-embracing ceremony where I invited all my deepest fears to come to the surface and let me know what they are really wanting to express to me.  It was such a liberating experience. 

What holds you back?  What keeps you from stepping more fully into your power?

My limiting beliefs hold me back.  Those worn out beliefs from way back that still hang around to remind me of where I am resisting the flow.  I know they’re there.  I know they are not serving me.  I know they don’t make sense.  I certainly know they are not my Truth; they don’t define me.  They still show up though.  At times I really buy into the limiting thoughts of not being good enough and not having anything of value to offer to the world.  What I have recently realized is that as children, we are often afraid of the dark.  As adults, we are afraid of the Light – our Light.  I can get caught up in the fear of really shining my inner light in the world, which means I am out there to be seen.  That can feel really vulnerable for me.  Then I retreat back again.  So, my own limiting beliefs are what keep me from stepping more fully into my power.

Three books that have changed you...

Conversations With God by Neale Donald Walsch (I’m counting the series as one book!  J )  These books totally changed my life.

Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain.  This first book by Shakti opened my world to her beautiful wisdom.  I have since read all of her books and each one just gives me goosebumps every time. 

You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay.  Louise is one of my sheroes.  Her work in the world has inspired me to listen to my heart and trust in my own wisdom.  This book was also the doorway to so many other books that have expanded my awareness.

I also want to say that The Celestine Prophecy was one of the first books to open me to a new understanding of spirituality and life all those years ago.  I am so grateful for that.  Okay, that was four.  The list goes on and on.

What have been your greatest challenges along the way?  How have these challenges helped you to become more of who you are?

Believing that I am not good enough just the way I am and comparing myself to others has been my greatest challenge.  It sets the tone for everything.  Always striving to “change” and better myself in some way really gets exhausting.  I am very open for growth and expansion.  I was confused about what it meant to grow and expand as opposed to changing because something was “wrong with me” or not good enough.  I think I just defined myself according to other peoples’ beliefs about what I should do and who I should be.  This created a lot of challenges for me.  They showed up in everything.  With that awareness, I have been able to re-define so much about myself and my purpose.  Another one of my ongoing challenges is to be in the present moment.  I often ruminate about the past and worry about the future.  This is certainly a challenge that I am aware of and really taking a deeper look at.  I can honestly say that the challenges have opened my eyes and heart to the truth of who I really am. 

What do you know for sure?

I know that love is the only force that is absolutely true in this world.  Each one of us is created as divine love.  We just forget this sometimes.  I know that we have such a profound opportunity right now to let go of the old ways, let go of the past, and create our lives the way we really wish to.  We really are the powerful creators of our own lives.

What is your message?  What words do you most want others to hear?

You are here right now to express your own truth, in a way only you can.  Open your heart to what resonates within your soul, embrace it, and shine it out for the world to see.  You matter.  There is room for you right here, right now, just as you are.  Listen to the whispers of your soul.  This is where wisdom resides.  Let go of anything that does not support who you really are.  Open up to love.  It is time to step into your true power.

Alia specializes in women’s healing, personal growth and holistic life coaching, offering private sessions, workshops, retreats, and inspirational talks.  She brings her life experience, intuitive guidance, clarity and compassion into her work with the aim of inspiring and encouraging women to honor their authenticity and live their passions.  She lives with her family in Ubud, Bali.

Isn't she amazing?  To get to know more about this beautiful woman, head over to her blog, Inner's pretty blissful over there.


  1. She is SO amazing! Wow. Goosebumps, stop-me-in-my-tracks, reminding me to breathe deep and relax kind of amazing.

    Just like you, Julia xx

  2. My heart might break open with how much I love the both of you. Julia, wonderful first interview! Your questions get right to the soul of it all. Alia, I learned more about you and love you even more now! And I want to hear more and more! Right now I am dreaming of sitting in a cafe with you and Julia and hearing all of your stories. That would be bliss. I can really relate to your (Alia)challenge of comparing yourself to others. I think that has been one of my biggest challenges as well. Just LOVE for both of you. Thank you so much for being your beautiful selves and brightening my world.

  3. Beautiful! You truly are a beautiful and light-filled sprit, Alia. Thank you for this, Julia and Alia, thank you. It inspires me so much.

  4. I am SO excited and honored to be here at Painted Path, a place that radiates so much love and inspiration. Julia, you are such a light in this world and I love you with all my heart. Thank you Kelli, Elloa, Lori, and Juliana for your beautiful comments. I read all of your blogs, too! :) I just love this connection of beautiful women here. Taking a deep breath and soaking it all in!

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  6. Finally got a chance to sit and read this! So beautiful, and wonderful questions, Julia.

    I am so excited to be introduced to her. I resonate with the very heart of her!

    Thank you, Alia. You radiate the love you wish to give. Look forward to getting to know you!

  7. Wow - what an insightful interview! I'm so glad to learn more about you, Alia. You are truly an amazing woman, and I am so happy that our paths came together. Sending you lots of love always!
    Julia - your questions were wonderful. I am so happy to have found your blog through Alia.
    Can't wait to read more!

  8. Oh goodness! I love reading each of your heart-felt comments. The love & support that is coming through here is so inspiring-I can feel the expansion happening.

    I absolutely loved interviewing you, Alia...such a highlight for me.

    Sending all of you love. <3


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