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Monday, March 21, 2011


"Believe me, you want to know the experience of being alive in your soul. It doesn't come from doing what you’ve always done. It doesn’t come from ignoring your potential or true desires. It doesn’t come from going along with mass consciousness when you have maverick instruction within you—which you do. It doesn’t come from choosing comfort in the moment-- over comfort in your lifetime."     Tama Kieves

"Whispers of Truth"
Whispers of Truth
I'd really like to give a print (of one of my paintings) to one of you lovely readers!
To enter, please leave a comment answering this question (or any words you'd like to leave)....

What do you know for sure?

*The randomly chosen winner will be announced on Sunday, March 27th, and will get to pick a print of their choice from my Etsy shop 


  1. Yipee, Miss Julia!

    I know for sure that I absolutely:

    do not know what I am, and therefore, do not know what I am doing, and as a result, do not know how to look upon the world. (Taken from ACIM)

    And I know that in undoing and in not knowing, is freedom and expansion and joy beyond measure!

    Sending love, generous one.

  2. Here's what I know for sure:

    You, my dear friend, are pure love. Positively, absolutely, without a doubt.

    Lovin' you!

  3. Well, I can't compare to the comment above from Brooke, but one thing I do know is mother-daughter love. Absolute love for my 2 yr old daughter and for the new one still cooking in the oven. And the unbelievable love I have (still) for my mother, even though she has passed away.

    Thank you for offering this giveaway.


  4. I know for sure that we are all beings of light and love is always the answer and the journey. (and none of that is as easy as it sounds, but it is so worth it to try.)

    And, your paintings are amazing, so this is quite a wonderful giveaway!

  5. Hello Julia
    I know for sure that life is amazing. To live love and be myself is the best thing I could ask for.
    Sending you and your fam lots of love on this Monday.

  6. I am blessed.
    I forget that a lot. But when I'm down and trying to get back up, it always comes back to me. Sometimes it's a hand offered, a smile given, a hug shared, or a song sung. Sometimes it's in the sun's rising, the moon's glow, a breeze whispering through the trees, or a red bird sitting on the fence right outside my kitchen window. Sometimes it's in a baby's laughter, an old man's stories, a prayer for peace, or a kitty in my lap.

    One thing I know for sure. I am blessed.

  7. Oh I'm so excited! :)
    I know for sure that what you give out (in terms of your thoughts, love, good vibes, positive energy) always comes right back!

    Thanks so much! I love your blog and your paintings are amazing!

  8. The one thing I know for sure is that when I look into my daughter's eyes, I see love so pure, trust so strong, and a knowing that we have traveled many lives together.

    Julia, you are so generous. Thank you for this opportunity to share these these words.

  9. what do i know for sure?...

    hope has a heartbeat
    & love has a soul
    & we connect to each other
    through such golden rivers.

    xoxox thanks for the giveaway
    & all you so beautifully offer.

  10. What do I know for sure?

    I am deeply loved.
    I have the ability to soar.
    Everyone has a story & and they all matter.
    Human connection is a precious gift.

    Thank you, my tender-hearted friend for all you bring to this beautiful world.

  11. I love these Jules-
    What I know for sure is this: that even though I forget often, that I have many people in my life that are truly there for me not matter what. Friends can come a go in a life time but there are always people that will forever be by your side and in your corner.
    Also that God will provide, to just trust in him and you can't go wrong.
    Love you always

  12. What do I know for sure?
    that we live in each other's shelter and we are connected in ways that are wonder-filled
    (you helped to teach me this, Julia!)
    helen :)

  13. I know for sure that I picture your paintings on my wall and my heart sings with joy xxx

  14. What I know for sure is that listening is the most important gift we can give anyone, young or old. Listening without judgment without interruption is something I am always working on! Oh that I might master that one someday soon!

    I would so love one of your wonderful paintings on the wall to motivate me and make me smile!

  15. i know that you, my dear, are a kindred spirit.=)

  16. I know that to have faith and to have hope is the most necessary things in life. ...I also know the beauty on these blog pages...I know the blessings of friendship.

  17. Hi Julia, I found your gorgeous blog via Brooke and I love what you're doing and writing about.

    My father always used to say "I only know that I know nothing" and "there's nothing to be sure about". This attitude had quite an impact on me and I find it hard to state that I know anything for sure (unless I'm in an argument with someone ;-P ). What is real anyways? But I like the sense of knowing that I get when my thoughts are aligned with my gut-system...

    Greetings from Germany,

  18. I know for sure that God is in control and has a plan for me. I'm so glad because I make a lot of mistakes and usually don't have a clue what I'm doing. It gives me strength and keeps me going to know that no matter what He knows my name.

  19. Dear Julia,
    I know for sure that we are all connected to each other and the earth and love is all that really matters.


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