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Wednesday, March 30, 2011


This morning, on this 41st day of "Getting Quiet," there is great love in my heart~

Where There is Great Love

 for hot, honeyed tea 
for lit candles
for this home that holds my precious family 
for girlfriends who open their hearts wide and wider 
for those who struggle but keep bravely moving forward 
for tiny buds and green grass
and homemade chicken noodle soup 
for yoga poses that breathe life into my tired parts 
for singing birds and blossoming trees that teach me how to BE without trying to be 
for the part of me that remembers 
that the answers are in the spaces between.

 I breathe it all in, deeply 
slowing down
that Now 
is where miracles 
are found.  


  1. Julia,
    Thank you for a much needed full and deep breathe of NOW. Your words sang to me.

    I lovedr the sweet and warm comments you left on my posting yesterday. I am so grateful to have found you, my friend. You always breathe such knowing, warmth, and love into your words.


  2. Wow, Julia. These words bring tears to my eyes. Thank you for this breath of beauty. I'm drinking it in tonight.

    Love to you, sweet friend.

  3. I have grown so much in these days of getting quiet. Thank you my dear friend for this gift. I celebrate you today. So much love and gratitude.

  4. Sweet pea-I just spent some time on your site which I don't do often enough. Your thoughts and the way you put them into words and in your paintings is amazing. You are beautiful inside and out. Love you too much.
    Mom X0

  5. That is a gorgeous poem. It is a poem. Oh, I just read what your mom wrote and now I am crying. And she called you sweet pea. My heart!

  6. When I read your words, I consciously slow down. I consciously breathe. I consciously allow myself to let go. Such precious, un-buyable gifts you give me.

    Thank you. x x x


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