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Friday, April 8, 2011

fearLESS Friday...Slowing it all Down


Without words
we sit in quiet.
Stillness wraps
around us
in its soft, electric way
There is no wanting
or needing to know
what comes next
No questions
or place to get
We are not
in yesterdays
or turning toward

Just us
and something
that will
through births
and deaths
and lifetimes
infinite nows from now
infinite nows from then

Instead of running this morning, I decided to walk.  Instead of turning on the computer and clicking and searching and posting, I breathed fresh sunshiny air.  I leaned in close--nose to nose with tiny newborn buds.  I listened to what the birds were saying.  I squatted down and dipped my hands in cold creek water.  I took really deep breaths of all that fresh, yummy, pacific northwest air.  

And I took many pictures.  Every time I run lately, in this gorgeous spot, I think...some day I need to come here and walk, camera in hand, and capture all of this beauty and share it with my lovely readers.  So, today was that day.  I had so so much that "needed" doing this morning, but (thankfully) I chose to listen to the little whisper that was saying...just go, walk slowly, take pictures, breathe fresh air, let go of everything else.


I'm so glad I listened.  

In a deeper and deeper way, I am learning that it's not about getting or improving or trying to figure out or working harder.  It's about sinking below the level of my busy busy mind and letting truth bubble gently to the surface.  It's about taking one little step at a time, from a place of sweet surrender and fierce trust.  The peace I am feeling as a result of this deep let go is all the evidence I need that this is a good good thing.

Here are some photos I took along the way...all of them are from this morning, all of them are the beauty I get to see every time I run this loop.  I am one lucky girl.

I love this bridge

The Creek

The bench I always run by and say, some day I'm going to sit on you.  Today I sat.

Moss and fern and more moss

Red Flowering Current...oh my gosh, it's so gorgeous and so nice to see color mixed in with all the green

What are your whispers saying?


  1. Julia,
    Beautiful photos! Makes me feel like I'm on that walk with you. My whispers are saying Spring is finally coming to Ohio this weekend and I'm going to enjoy it. May even open up the windows and let in the fresh air. Today the daffodils in my yard finally opened, later than all my neighbors flowers -- but just in perfect time! My whispers are telling me to bloom just like those flowers.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Oh my goodness, my whispers are saying "why the heck aren't you in Oregon with Julia?" :) That is absolutely breathtaking. I will be there one day, my beautiful friend, and we will be sitting on that bench chatting away. Thank you for this beautiful post filled with peaceful, slowing down, in-the-moment energy. My mind is taking a vacation right now and my heart has taken the lead. What a wonderful feeling this is. Loving you. ♥

  3. Julia, I am going to repeat what I told you the other day. You have cleared so much away, that there is nothing to obscure your beauty. You are merging with life force.

    I see you with your eyes closed, quiet, a gentle breeze swirls about you, lit up by the sun within you.

    You are my beautiful friend, sending out ripples of peace, through each gentle footstep.

  4. lovely words and photos. sending love!

    (my whispers are saying stop thinking so hard... just let it be...=)

  5. I'm with Alia- my whispers are saying, "Go live in Oregon, Lori." xoxo

  6. Sweet friend. The Carneys are with you tonight, wherever you are and LOVING you. We look forward to our next physical encounter xoxo

    Would love to take this walk/run with you...


What are you thinking/feeling? I'd really love to know...

♥ Julia