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Monday, April 25, 2011

In Celebration of "Lose Your Little Mind"

My eyes are fixed on the most gorgeous rainbow right now, its magical presence seems so appropriate in this moment when I've come here, with my beating-like-crazy heart, to share something that I'm just beyond thrilled to share with you.  I think of all kinds of things when I think of rainbows...magic, pots of gold, giddy, child-like excitement at the mere site of them, rain, sunshine, darkness, light, color, that song "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" that says, Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue and the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true.  

I think maybe this gorgeous rainbow is here to join in the celebration, the celebration of turning an idea/vision into something that can now be seen and heard and felt and shared. 

So, now I introduce you to "Lose Your Little Mind," a slideshow created by myself and my beautiful, tender-hearted friend Alia Indrawan .  Our deepest heart desire is to nudge other beautiful ones toward their greatness, this creation was born from that desire.  It comes straight from our hearts with hope that it will inspire you to lose your little mind and lean in and listen, with every part of you, to your big, brave, boundless Self. 

Alia, dear friendwhat a deep honor it has been to co-create with you.  Amy Seeley, it just had to be you & "Beloved."  Katerina, thank you for so generously sharing your gorgeous photos with us.  "Little mind," I very much appreciate you getting the heck out of the way so this creation could come through.  

Dear readers,

We are so giddy-excited that we get to share this little bit of us with you! Please, grab a cup of something and settle in for four minutes.  And please, share, share away!

With love,

Julia & Alia


  1. LOVE. This made me cry Jules :) I love your courage and catching enthusiasm for your creative endeavors. The video is wonderful thank you for creating it, it's so amazing that you asked for clarity and Alia was sent to you. I'm so happy you have a person that is helping you to expand your vision. I love u xoxo,
    Your sister

  2. this was so beautiful. thank you. may i share it on my blog?

  3. It's a beautiful message. Love you.

  4. this is so special and perfect! Love you. Tiffany

  5. Beautiful, Julia and Alia. Congratulations on the beauty, and bringing it into creation! Love and truth and goodness, all right there. XO

  6. Julia,

    Such beauty and truth. You always inspire me.
    Keep shining your beautiful light.
    You are so loved and appreciated.

  7. This was such a "project of the heart" - to create this with you, Julia. Thank you for your inspiration, vision, and continued service of the Heart. Loving you immensely.

  8. julia & alia (your names sound like sisters!),
    this is so beautiful! gorgeous mission!
    love from my open heart to yours!! xox

  9. Beautiful!! Thank you for sharing this gentle, hopeful, inspiring message. Sending love to you!

  10. you touched something that i have lived and felt for some time now, but haven't thought about or recognized what a gift it has been. thank you for the words, the music, the visual treat and the love. wishing you more beautiful days... :)


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