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Monday, April 11, 2011

My Guy

Yesterday, from eight in the morning until almost 2:30 in the afternoon, my husband ran.  He participated in the  Peterson's Ridge Rumble, a 40 mile trail run that started in Sisters, Oregon (about 2 hours southeast of us).

I just had to come here and share a few photos and brag a bit.  

Here he is (below) at the last aid station.  At this point he had run a little over 34 miles.  The girls & I raced around (in the car) all day trying to catch him running by so we could yell and cheer and give him high fives.  It was a little frantic trying to catch him before he sped by, but mostly really fun.  I tend to get pretty wound up when he runs in these races--I just find it all very exciting.  And inspiring.

The finish!  

Done!  Whew.  Food and rest in order.

So, here he is, my brave, studly husband.  Can you tell I'm proud?  <3


  1. phew! i'm pooped driving 40 miles! way to go, julie's husband!

  2. Congratulations to Matt!! I can't run a mile let alone 40. He is on my hero list now. :) Thank you for sharing this. I am inspired to begin my walking again. ♥

  3. Three cheers for Matt! Can't even believe it is possible to run 40 miles! Congratulations, Matt. That is seriously inspiring.

  4. You know that is so inspiring, wow. I am working on walking a mile since my illness. I can just see you driving around trying to catch him... I would be excited too. Congratulations to your husband. amazing.

  5. Oh my goodness Julia... 40 miles?! That's absolutely amazing. Brighton just had its annual marathon which is a mere walk in the park if you add an extra 14 miles on top.

    Huge congratulations to Matt!

  6. Wow! That's amazing :) No wonder you're proud!

  7. I'm very impressed! How cool that your entire familiy was involved, sounds like a fun day!

  8. That is amazing! I am still pretty pleased I ran my first half marathon on Sunday. That's just 13 miles. Amazing.

  9. omg!!!!! awesome!!!!! what an inspiration--and an amazing accomplishment. send him our best.
    our love and hugs to you all


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