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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Nobody one has ever measured 
not even poets 
how much the heart can hold  
~Zelda Fitzgerald

My precious little ones, 2005.  Can you believe they came from my belly? 

Saying thank you for...

1)  today. It's all overflowing, spilling, opening, blossoming...the beauty is too much to fathom.
2)  wide open hearts
3)  truth telling
4)  deep, deep breaths
5)  the flowering, beyond gorgeous pink tree outside my front door.  It breathes life into me
6)  more warm, gorgeous sunshine
7)  unexpected, sweet moments to myself this evening
8)  the girls have a Daddy that loves them with his whole, sweet heart
9)  Nora Jones lovely voice singing to me tonight
10) this feeling of being rooted deep in the arms of faith
11) Neil that guy

Life is so very very good.


  1. oh my goodness what sweet girls!!! i love this photo of them. you are blessed

  2. So beautiful, dear friend. You are just exuding goodness and peace! Love you.

  3. My friend. I so love this list. Love love love. Thank you for sharing this goodness.

    Wishing you a bloom-filled week :)



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