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Monday, May 9, 2011

Long Time Sun

This song (below) feels like a direct line to Spirit.  Whoever you are, however you're feeling, however alone or together you feel, however afraid or brave, however stuck or unstuck, this is my wish for you, for me, for us....May all love surround you, may the pure light within you guide your way on.  

May the light within you be your guide.

If you want another dose of Spirit, head over to Soul Carving, my beautiful friend Brooke's new, gorgeous space.  She's pure light & heart.  Her writing is a beauty I can't possibly describe in words--go read for yourself.


  1. Thank you, Julia, for the gift of this song, and for your wisdom, sweetness and caring. Thank you for sharing my site here too. It's an honor.



  2. I love this song. So touching and heartfelt. Thank you for sharing this. And congratulations to Brooke on your new creation. I love Soul Carving! I will be over there frequently.

    Love from super sunny Bali.

  3. OMG Brooke's new space! I am so going there- so excited to see it! Julia, that song is one of my favorites. It makes me cry. I can't help it every time.


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