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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

There is Space for it All

Today the birds are shining and the sun is singing and my mind is buzzing and full and overflowing with ideas too many to count; of words to write and things to express and pictures to paint and little girls to hold & love and giggle with and beautiful souls to whisper to and flowers to kiss and pages to turn and music to pour over and soil to roll in and root into...

My heart is wondering what to do with all of it, how to hold so much... feelings and love and inspiration and tenderness and goodness and discomfort and richness and limitlessness.

I find myself walking slowly, one step and then another, down my sun-soaked street, taking deep, full breaths of all the freshness.  The air from the outside comes in and fills me.  And I look up at the trees and ask...where do I go next?  

And these are the words I hear...

I want you to know
that there's nothing
you need to change or do
or search for
the only thing to do is
breathe in and out
and slow way down
and receive
what's here in front of you
and get real close
and open real wide
and listen real hard to the whispering trees, they'll show you everything
you've ever wanted to know
they'll show you how to hold
all of your sparkly
there is space for it all
to be
exactly as it

And again, I breathe...


  1. What a fabulous photo and such lovely words to go with! "Love and breathe in and out..." That's all we need to do.

    PS: I'm wearing my new pendant and LOVE it! All your readers need to check your Etsy shop. Beautiful art to wear.

  2. Thank you Julia... I've been paying attention to the blackbird who sits resolutely in the weeping willow outside our window, one with it as it sways and tosses about in the wind.

    And now, rain. And still the birds sing. And I breathe, in and out.



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