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Sunday, May 8, 2011


was quiet, slow, loud, deep-breathing, focused, chaotic, sweet, sour, wide open, rainy, sunny and rainy again, deep-feeling, restless, restful.  Just like being a mommy--sort of.  Just right in all of its IS-ness.

"Mothers hold their children's hands for a short while, but their hearts forever."  Author unknown 

Me & my babies, 2006
 I'm saying thank you for

♥  slow waking, rolling over and going back to sleep after my husband got up with my little one, a little reading in bed, deep breaths before putting my feet on the floor

 the morning started out with pastries from our local French bakery (blueberry-cream-cheese danish and almond paste croissant)....mmmmmm

♥ coffee made by my husband and mango/orange/peach smoothie made by my Lily

♥  a really nice hike in the occasional sunshine and a bit of misty rain, deep breaths of really fresh air

♥  gifts that I got to pull from a bag!  A new pretty blue running shirt, chocolate, a little wooden heart, painted hand prints from Lily, red swedish fish (candies) nice.

♥  a sweet conversation with my mom this morning--she shared some very happy news. 

♥  a little time to myself this afternoon~hot soup, writing, connections

♥  my husband made a really nice dinner (and did the grocery shopping for the week!)

♥  a very nice glass of red wine 

♥  And this beautiful poem that my Marielle (she's 9) wrote for me....she wrote it all by her sweet self.

You’re Free

By Marielle Fehrenbacher

 You’re free like a bird

In the big blue sky

You’re free to do anything you like

You’re free to dream your own dreams

And do what you please

You’re free like a bird

In the big blue sky

Happy Mother's Day, to you sweet Mom, and to all the beautiful Mommies out there.  All that you do matters.  So much.  

You're free like a bird, you know  
You're free to do anything you like
Marielle says so


  1. Julia, this just brought tears to my eyes. The essence of all of this here today. From your "thank yous" to Marielle's poem, I am just bursting with so much love in my heart for you and your sweet family. I am really wanting to come over and share that chocolate and wine with you, too! :) Happy mother's day, beautiful friend.

  2. sounds like a lovely day, dear julia.
    such a beautiful photo!
    what a wonder-filled lap
    for children to be
    housed in.
    happy mothers day
    with lovelovelove.

  3. what a beautiful day!!! love the poem by marielle!!! she is one talented little lady. hugs and smiles to you all.

  4. Such a sweet post. I love how you focused on what you were thankful for. I love Marielle's poem! Thanks, Marielle!

  5. Beautiful poem, fit for a beautiful day. I love the word "free". It seems it sets something loose in me every time I say it :). Thanks for sharing :).


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