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Thursday, June 9, 2011

41 Days of YES-ing

"Want to live a life of no regrets? Take a small step, a big step, a holy step in the direction that calls you right now. Diving into this moment with integrity answers everything. There is no past or future. There are no other choices. It doesn’t matter what anyone else has. You have this unbelievable moment.  Tama Kieves

Art by Lori Portka

I just did a guided meditation and this phrase jumped out and grabbed hold... 

Nothing real can be threatened.

The more I turn inward for guidance, the more I say no to my broken-record mind stuff, the more I know this to be true.  Nothing real can be threatened. This is such good news.  

Those of you who have been following for a while know that 41 days ago, Alia and I  committed to saying YES to all that is real and true inside of us.  It's been an amazing time.  I think, more than anything, I have learned how to really tune in and distinguish the various voices that are swirling around in there.  

I am learning that I must pause and get quiet to hear the true-heart stuff

I am learning that this mindfulness stuff is very much a moment by moment practice

I am learning that when I align with my truth before saying yes (or no) to something, I align with my integrity.  From this aligned place, beautiful things flow, synchronicities happen, other people come out of the blue and align with me.  Seriously.

I am learning that the mind-madness doesn't go away but that I can choose not to let it drag me to hell and back. I don't have to identify with my thoughts, they are not Me.

I am learning that in every single moment, I get to choose.  I can choose gentleness and compassion over blame and shame.  I can choose to answer the call of my heart (that always has my best interest in mind) or I can choose to listen to the old, unhelpful, un-serving, broken-record stuff.  I can choose to Trust or I can choose to doubt. I can choose love or I can choose fear.  In every single moment, I can choose gentleness, compassion, Trust, Love.

I am learning that as I continually say yes to my inner guidance/nudges/intuition, I strengthen this guidance system

I am learning that there is great power/empowerment in committing to something out loud, to declare something (as Alia & I declared this saying YES).  I don't even fully get why this is, but whew!  It's powerful stuff.

I am learning that when I focus on what I want (and stop dwelling in what hasn't yet happened), more of what I want comes...with ease and unfathomable grace
I am learning that if I start to feel constricted/stressed/anxious/blue, it's because I'm focusing on the past or the future and that I can choose to come back to what's right in front of me

I am learning that when I honor my feelings and allow them to be what they are, they typically wash right over me like pretty passing waves

I am learning to LET GO of outcome and to, moment by moment, follow what makes me feel free/true/open/authentic/peaceful/full of love

I am learning that my peace does not depend on what happens. There is a tremendous amount of relief that comes with knowing this.

I am learning that when I take a small step, a big step, a holy step in the direction that calls me, in every single moment, unfathomably beautiful things start to happen.  I am in awe. 

My trust has deepened.  My resolve to saying YES to that which serves my highest truth has strengthened.  Ideas are flowing like never before.  YES-es are coming back at me like crazy.  

This all actually seems a little surreal.  I've read about this kind of flow happening but have never experienced it in such a deep and affirming way.  I can now say, first hand, that when we let go of all that stands in the way of our highest good and say yes! to that which is calling us, dreams that we've had for decades start to come true. 

Very soon I will be sharing some specifics on all of this--so super giddy about what is to come! 

Thank you, each and every one of you, for your continued support and love--words cannot convey how much it means to me to have you here.  I'm just very humbled and very grateful.


  1. It was an amazing journey my friend. I am so honored to have been side by side with you over these last 41 days, as we let go, opened up, and allowed our truth to take center stage. I am so excited for what is to come next...

    Thank you for your inspiration, courage, strength, openness, and love.

  2. very powerful post! I love all that you are learning-- or have known, but uncovered by not getting in your own way anymore. I am right there with you, in awe of how it all works together when you decide to trust. I am amazed at how even though in the beginning it feels like a leap of faith, every step committing to our highest good, creates a net that doesn't just give the illusion of safety, but creates safety. Here is to no more pretending to be alive, but feeling it fully! Love you!

  3. Awesome. That is all I can think of to say. What an amazing experience of openness that has expanded your life. Love it.

    Thank you, Julia. I'm so honored that you posted my painting with your words. xo

  4. This is beautiful and inspiring at a time when I need it most!! Thank you for these amazing words!

  5. I am beginning to understand the power of Yessing :) It's an amazing thing. Thank you for this post, Julia and for always sharing your sweet heart with us. I truly admire and respect you. <3


  6. Alia, Brooke, Lori, Gail & special your presence is here, it means so so much to me to feel your presence and read your words.

    I'm sending a heart full of love to each of you.

    ♥ Julia

  7. a big YES to the words in this post!=)

  8. I'm new here..and just loving this space. So much power in knowing we can 'choose'!!!
    Will definitely be visiting here regularly!!

  9. I LOVE that you just said 'yes' to 'yes-ing' and 41 days later, so much has shifted, deepened and grown. I'm truly excited for you, Julia - can't wait to read more about the specifics, teeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

    (That, by the way, is my excited little noise!)


  10. Wow...'nothing real can be threatened' sounds SOO much like the teachings of A Course in Miracles! Your post is powerful and cuts right to the solution of why we suffer so... thank you.

  11. Julia, your words are so encouraging, so inspiring! I'm so happy for you for all that you have achieved - how amazing and wonderful. A few months ago something inside me starting asking me to say yes, but it's been a quiet, sometimes scared voice. Thank you for sharing this - I'm going to keep saying yes too!

    I can't wait to hear more!

  12. Hiya Julia,

    There is something extremely powerful about when we say YES - it has the ability to move mountains and paves the way for miracles. Supposedly, it takes 40 days to change an old belief pattern. I can see that you and Alia decided to cover your bases by adding an extra day to help seal the deal. Brilliant! Interestingly, the words that came to you during your meditation are straight from the introduction of A Course In Miracles.

    Nothing real can be threatened.
    Nothing Unreal Exists.
    Herein lies the peace of God.

    Love Nige XXX


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