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Monday, June 27, 2011

Conscious Questions and Resounding YES-es

Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.  ~Dr. Seuss

Yesterday afternoon I decided to go for a run even though there was a long list of things I really "needed" to do and I had no idea how or when those things would get done.  

Not surprisingly, as my legs started moving and I began to notice how the ground felt as my feet hit it and I breathed deep, conscious breaths, the "to dos" felt far less important.  I knew that all that really needed to get done would get done in its own time.  And, not surprisingly, the more I relaxed and let go, the more the ideas flowed.  And I kept thinking, oh yeah, all I have to do is let go and trust and it all comes right to me--that's so much easier then thinking I need to do and control it all.  Whew.   

This is something I need to continually remind myself of but it's one of the truest things I know.  As soon as I quiet all of that pressured/constricted shoulding/needing to control stuff, everything softens and a beautiful space opens up where true knowing can be heard. 

Since I didn't get to my Conscious Questions and Resounding Yes-es (yep, I changed the name a bit) last week, I will do it today.  During my run, at one point, I started anticipating an upcoming hill (with a little feeling of dread). I considered taking a different route so I could avoid that hill (it always kicks my butt) and I noticed myself thinking a thought that I think often when I'm running, hills are just not my thing, they're really hard, gosh, I'm slow, I'm really not much of a runner, etc...  With this noticing, I started thinking about all the other thoughts I think that limit me, that put me in a box and try and keep me there.  

And I decided I was going to let go of this thought for the moment and take the hill route and, here's the amazing, not surprising thing...I totally kicked butt on that hill!  Well, maybe not totally, but I just did it, faster than usual, with much less resistance and pain!  I let go of my "in-the-box" thoughts and just ran.

So here's my question for today...

What boxes do you put yourself in?  Is there a box you've put yourself in that has you gasping for air/that is not serving you in any way?  It might be a box that you put yourself in or maybe someone else put you in there a long time ago, something that is completely not true for you but you continue to keep yourself there.  Maybe you've been in this box since childhood.  Maybe it's a you're too this or you're too that kind-of-a-box. How would getting out of this box allow you to be the you-y-est you you can be, would allow you to say a bigger YES to your self, to your life?

I'll go first.  Come on...join me!

P.S:  Tomorrow I will be posting Alia and my second Soul Talk, stay tuned!  Hint: It's about blogging.


  1. Okay, so, like I said, even though I run quite a bit (have run in several events, including a marathon and several half marathons), I still have myself in this "I'm not a runner" box.

    Because I have so many people around me (my husband, for example) who are really fast, long-distance runners, I see myself as not "really" a runner. And I've definitely decided I'm not a fast runner.

    These limiting thoughts definitely have an effect on my mental state when I'm running. What I realized yesterday is that, when I drop these thought of limitation, I can run hills and I can even run much faster than I've been running (if that's what I choose to do)...

    I really and truly want to identify and unravel every single one of my limiting thoughts. I will be contemplating this question much more and may come back with more insight....

    I'd love to hear from you. :)

  2. Sometimes I think I live in a maze of connected boxes. ;-) There's the "mom box" -- I can't because I should be home, should do x/y/z for the kids like a 'good mom' would, my kids should come before all other pursuits or investments. There's the "I have an anxiety disorder box" -- by which I limit myself in trying new things in effort to avoid triggers or to avoid being an inconvenience to others or to avoid disappointing myself or anyone else. There's the "I'm no artist box" -- in which I tell myself that, with no formal training in art and not much experience creating, who am I to think I can make anything beautiful or gift-worthy.
    Phew -- thank goodness for inspiration and resources (like your blog!) as I dismantle these boxes and find that life that's mine to live!

  3. Oh, the "she's too sensitive" box has always been the one I have resided in. I'm so ready to jump out of that box, right into the "she's sensitive and it's beautiful" one. I embrace my sensitive nature now and honor this part of who I am. No longer do I see it as a "flaw." I also tend to put myself in the "not good enough" box. I seem to jump in and out of that one. :)

    Enough of the limitations, time to break free! Thank you dear friend for this. I needed to contemplate this today.

    Watching you run and run and lift off the ground to fly... Look at you soar!

    Love to you.

  4. I put serious boxes around my creating, and I am hell-bent on ripping them apart, even if it gets ugly. I feel like I have been doing a lot of creating, with paint, glue and glass, and writing, but nothing great to speak of. I am getting out of the box needing nothing to be great--just to play. Play is a huge fresh meadow for me, if I can just step out of the box and experience it! You rock, Jewelia! Love you!

  5. "feedingthebirds," Alia, Brooke...I so love hearing from you. Thank you for sharing your "in-the-box" stories, I hold them very sacred.

    Here's to dismantling/breaking free/stepping out of these boxes! Ready? Set. GO!

    Thanks so much for sharing.

    julia, i'm sharing this link with you to simply share the experience of sisterhood upness running!!! i have been running to & thinking a lot about these hills going UP! it astounds me how interwoven our paths are, friend.
    LOVE. LOVE. U. xoxox


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