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Monday, June 13, 2011

Giveaway (Times two!)

"When you come to the edge of the light you have known and take the first step into the darkness of uncertainty, you have to believe that one of two things will happen. You will find something solid there to stand on, or you will be taught how to fly." Paul Overton

Hello, lovely reader friends!

I'm going to be giving away a print of your choice from my Etsy shop and my beautiful friend, Alia. is generously offering a free spiritual coaching consultation/session.

I had the great honor of doing a session with Alia recently, and, I have to tell you, it shifted and expanded so much in me.  She is warm and compassionate and wise and strong and has a way of taking you right to your center, to that place beyond mind noise where all gets quiet and clear.  She has this amazing gift of Seeing and knowing and so gently guides you to your own Seeing and knowing.  Pretty incredible.

Below is a description of Alia's sessions.

It’s time for a clearing of the heart and soul.
You are invited on a journey to the beautiful depths of your heart. By releasing old worn-out patterns of belief, you will finally be able to let go of what no longer serves your spirit. 
I will guide you in a process of opening up to your personal truth, as you honor your unique gifts and talents, and embrace the creative power already within you.
I will intuitively connect with you on a deep soul level, providing a sacred space for you to tap into your own authentic spiritual core, leading to greater awareness, balance, and freedom in every aspect of your life. 
Your session will include a variety of practical, insightful techniques that support your individual needs and intentions for healing, creative expansion, and spiritual connection. You will feel inspired and empowered to move forward on your life path with a renewed sense of courage, confidence, and love. 

All we truly need is already within us. Sometimes it helps to have a little guidance to unpeel the layers and uncover the beautiful essence that has always been there.

***Okay, here are the details.  

Just leave a comment telling us what you are feeling the nudge to say yes there something that you know would propel you forward, move you toward your highest calling but maybe you're still hesitating/questioning/doubting/resisting?  What's the next step for you?  It can be a tiny step in the direction of love and inspiration (like slowing down/simplifying/getting quiet/doing yoga/telling someone how you feel, etc...) or maybe it's a bigger, bolder action step?  You know what it is...maybe declaring it aloud will be just the thing you need to take the leap. If everything in you is resisting doing this, it might be the perfect time to say YES anyway!  You never know what might open...
I'll announce the winner (to be chosen anonymously) on June 21st--summer solstice! Tomorrow I'll be back with a special treat...something that I've recently said YES to...something that feels a little (maybe a little more than a little) uncomfortable & stretchy but super expansive and exciting! Looking forward to sharing.

Enjoy your Monday!


  1. This is such a wonderful time of my life. Husband has moved home from almost 4 years working and living in another city and son has returned from 9 months experiencing life living, working and being independent in downtown Seattle. They both are home now and the family is all back together in the same city. What a blessing, what a journey!
    Now for me...I have just finished with the online art course taught by the wonderful Christy Tomlinson of The course was entitled she has 3Hearts and it was an art journaling class. So incredible, I learned so much about myself and my art..
    And last week my amazingly beautiful and lovely daughter blessed me with a was the gift of "Brave Girls Club Soul Restoration II" class. I took the first class and it was literally life changing and now I am ready to move forward with this new class.
    I AM READY to become who I was mean't to be. I AM READY to embrace my art and put it out there without worries of rejection...I AM READY for new experiences!!!
    I was just invited to be a part of the "Perry District Street Fair" here in Spokane on July now I am going to take a deep breath and charge forward with creating all the canvases needed for the fair. I am going to do what I love, express who I am and not second guess my creations...
    Like I said I AM READY!!! So bring on new experiences, new things to learn, new facets of me to explore...!!!

  2. Wow, I love what Valerie wrote! I am ready to become who I was meant to be! I am ready to face the parts of me that stop myself in my tracks of creating and commit to surrendering and seeing my work through. I am ready to live free and clear in all aspects of my life. I've already had some places open that I thought would be impossible, so, ready to go into other places and stir it up a little--to know that I am held through it! Sending love!

  3. oh, thank you for the chance at such a soul-delicious & generous giveaway! (although i am always receiving when i visit you, dear one!).
    next step...i have a book proposal that's been sent out to a handful of potential publishers/& i need to start imagining spaces of where these pages will f l y.

  4. I'm feeling a Big Nudge to be the real Me, to step away from the roles that I think I'm supposed to fill, and just be me. It's hard! I enjoy life most days, but then this inertia hits, and I question why I do a lot of things. I think if I can really say Yes to what is pulling me...have the courage to step out of old habits and into new life, this would be a good step in the right direction.

    Reading Valerie and Brooke's comments encourage and inspire me! Love to all....

  5. I am feeling the nudge to say yes to joy, say yes to happy, say yes to really believing that I AM ENOUGH, in all my loveliness and imperfections. My next steps are: to keep believing, to fall down and then get back up again, to take the time to be quiet and breathe (often!), to create and manifest.

    Your lovely words and art are so encouraging on this path. Thank you for what you do!

  6. YES! I know what it is ... and I declare it out LOUD.

    I must clear the clutter ... the clutter in my head... the cutter in my home ... the clutter I put into my body ... so that I can pave the path and be on my way to being the most, creative, motivated, fearless, inspiring and joyful ME that I can possibly BE.

    Julia, as always, I thank you for your generosity, inspiration and beauty.

  7. Wow such great comments. What a lovely warm creative community. I am going to say yes to getting up early for time to myself to paint-my idea is that no one is going to interrupt me or ask something of me before 7:00 AM so that is the time I want to spend being creative. I spent some time on pinterest today and am so inspired.

  8. Reading all of the comments above has literally brought tears to my eyes - in a very heart-moving way. It is so beautiful to see women coming together in such a loving, supportive community here and share our deepest feelings, knowings, and courageous leaps.

    Julia, you shine your love and wisdom into the world in the most beautiful, supportive way. Thank you.

    Although I am not entering the giveaway :) I want to say that I am saying YES to a big project that is being revealed tomorrow. So excited - the butterflies in my stomach have arrived.

  9. Oh, what a wonderful gift from both of you. I am leaning fully into leaving this job that is draining me and becoming a successful life coach who helps women transition through big events in their lives. I have known for a long time that I cannot continue to choose 'security' over my purpose and I am finally willing to leap out there. I am choosing to dance in joy and to help others find their dancing shoes again as well. My website is up today & I'm starting to take clients in August (enough time to get those pesky tax details handled but soon enough I won't procrastinate.)

    Thank you for the opportunity to say it out loud & thank you both for your beautiful work!

  10. oh goodness. I have chills and my heart is smiling and singing and dancing all around and just leaping for joy! I am so deeply touched and feel so honored that you all left your words/dreams/hopes here--truly. Thank you, each of you, for shining so brightly. And for being so so brave.

    P.S: I promise I don't want to win my own art and, although I'd love another session with Alia, what I really want is for one of you to experience I promise I will not enter myself into the drawing. :)

  11. This morning I asked the universe for confirmation about something. There is something weighing on me that needs to change and I am reluctant, hesitant. I need confirmation and more confirmation. There's been a couple of times that I feel that I have had it and then again today with another blog post ... and this now, this offer and invitation to declare my intention, to speak it ... when I don't want to speak it. I want to ponder it over and over and over. I don't want to tell my family or friends, not yet.

    So what is this thing? Oh please don't think it is a small thing. This is so significant.

    I need to say yes to cutting my dreads. whew. there it is out there.

    I love my dreads. I have had them for 3 1/2 years, letting them form on their own and they have just gotten to the point that they really look like dreadlocks and i can tie them back.

    But something has been telling me that it is time for them to go. Two days ago, I woke up and they felt SO heavy on my back, like a huge weight was being carried. I feel restricted and hindered by them.

    I feel that cutting them would be releasing, letting go of one thing so that I can grab something else. I don't know what the something else is yet but I trust it will appear.

  12. Hi! Lovely to stumble across your blog!
    I have a few things I want to say yes to, and they all rely on me having trust. Trust in myself, trust in the universe, trust in my own dreams and goals.
    So I say YES to trust!

  13. I say Yes to all of it: the hard parts and the easy parts, the highest feelings of pure Love and the scary dark parts too, the confusion and the clear moments of realization, the joyful connections and the times of internal retreat ~ all of it...I say Yes to everything.

  14. I am buzzing with excitement. The depth of sharing that has taken place so far on this post is just incredible. I particularly resonate with Raven...

    "I have known for a long time that I cannot continue to choose 'security' over my purpose and I am finally willing to leap out there. I am choosing to dance in joy and to help others find their dancing shoes again as well."

    I am saying YES to playing rather than working.

    I am saying YES to being in the 1%. I am saying YES to helping Nige move forward - last night our lives just presented us with the most incredible opportunity to say yes to each other. I hesitated, unsure of what this would mean for 'my' creativity, 'my' journey, but I am going with my gut and saying a huge, arms wide open, howling at the moon YES!!!!!

    Julia, you rock my world xxx

  15. hmmm, my beautiful friends. I am going to say YES to only doing what I want to do. My issue is that sometimes I say YES to things when my insides are clearly saying no. So I am going to be aware and say yes only when that feels right.

    I am so inspired by all that you two are doing. You are growing by leaps and bounds- it is amazing and awe-inspiring. I love you both :) xoxo

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  17. Julia,

    I loved hearing your beautiful voice today.
    You and Alia are amazing women.

    Congrats to saying YES1

    Big hugs to you,

  18. oh, this is a very good idea on all kinds of levels.

    I am saying yes to doing things differently, to listening to the voice within first, to not doing so much as being...

    thanks, Julia and Alia for all you do...

  19. Thanks for the challenge :)

    I didn't want to be influenced by all of your wonderful readers until I got this down and then I'll go back and be blown away by what deep inspiration that lives on this blog...but first...I have been nudged and have already been working on clearing away physical clutter, etc. that is no longer serving me (and my family). I know about myself (and my family!) that lightness and clarity come when the surroundings are clear and the space is created with intention.

    Second, and getting stronger tonight so we'll see where this goes, but I think I should enter the inaugural Vancouver, WA Half Marathon this weekend. I ran/walked one just last weekend with my mom (such a special journey for us), but I feel like I need to challenge myself to do it solo and this is the weekend to do it. It is Father's Day, however, so I will need to listen in the next day or two to the best choice and sign up for some run one way or another :)

    So, there they are...out there! Cheers to you, Julia, and to Summer Solstice right around the corner!

  20. i loved your poem posted at Kind Over Matter. i have begun to nudge myself more gently. slower, kinder, softer, calmer. YES. thats it. oh, plus being open to the possibility of moving our young family to the other side of the world, for a while..... !


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