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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Way Out-of-My-Comfort-Zone YES!

"You have no idea of the progress you can make when you listen to instincts that are not conditioned by our society. Why would you attempt to create a life of unbounded freedom by listening to the advice of the bound one within you?"   Tama Kieves

Yikes!  Yippee!  

Since I'm no longer listening to the advice of the "bound one within me" (greetings, little mind!), I am showing up here today to share something that Alia and I have created together.  My mind has had so much fun with this one...flipping and flopping all over the place, coming up with dozens of reasons why I should say no to this; what if this person or that person reads this and thinks I've gone off the deep end, what if it looks like I've gone crazy with this "spiritual stuff," what if people think it's dumb, what if we start this and it stops feeling right, what if the fact that I say "Um" four thousand times bugs the hell out of people, and on and on.....


here I am moving anyway.  Why?  Because there is something deeper that is propelling me forward.  There is a much stronger/wiser part of me that knows that following that which is calling me is far more important than other people's opinions. There is a part of me that knows I can simply show up for my joy and can completely let go of what will or won't happen next.  

One morning, after Alia and I did this recording and I got all jittery and the thoughts came in like rowdy soldiers ready for war, I went and sat myself down next to the river.  I got really quiet and asked for guidance.  Once the murky mind stuff settled, a subtle knowing rose to the surface and I knew to just move forward with this.

So, here it is!  (Big smiles over here!)

Soul Talks

Honest ● Heart-felt ● Vulnerable ● Empowering ● Transformational

Two women share it all

Join the conversation

(Below description In Alia's words)

Every Soul Talk is a natural conversation, flowing in the moment, based on topics that are meaningful and relevant to all of us. 

Every other week, we will be sharing a new talk with you, based on topics that are coming up for us in our daily lives. We will share our thoughts, insights, inspiration, laughter, tears, support, and so much more. We hope that these talks will invite you to tap into your own voice of truth.

You are invited to settle in for a little while and join us in this soulful conversation.

Soul Talks: The very first talk! 

Today, we discuss our journeys over the last 41 days of saying yes to our inner guidance and nudges from the soul. You will hear how Soul Talks almost became an idea left in the ethers, never to manifest. We openly share our challenges and how we were able to overcome them and open up to the voice of the heart instead. 

(Click on arrow to begin listening)

P.S:  There is a giveaway in progress, please come join us in the amazing sharing!


  1. This sounds great...can't wait to listen in! Is there a link here or will that be coming later?

  2. Julia, I am just so full of gratitude for you! Thank you for saying yes with me and bringing this project into reality. My heart has burst wide open with so much love.

  3. julia, you are incredible and brave. i will listen a bit later, i'm so interested on this beautiful journey you are taking!

    i will be teaching at an upcoming art retreat! stop by and visit my blog to read all about it! smooches!

  4. This is so cool! I am so excited for you and love hearing you two! Thank you!

  5. Is there a way to download it so I can listen on my ipod? So many people in the house, difficult to listen at the computer

    (hoping I am not missing the obvious)

  6. So fun to have this window into your yes-ing process. Loving the clarity and light (and giggles) shining through your voices.

    Way to push the mind aside and go for it!!

    Love to you, dear one.

  7. Julia,

    What if everyone thinks you and Alia are inspiring, motivating, brave, honest, and amazing. I know I do.

    I’m so happy you said YES.


  8. Cynthia, you can download the mp3 here:

    I hope it works! :)

  9. Aw- I just listened to it. Beautiful. I think you are onto something big here. I have sirius radio that I listen to sometimes in my studio and I have to say that this felt like I was listening to two amazing radio show hosts with tons of experience and wisdom and humor. Meaning, for your first talk, it was incredibly polished, real and genuine (and sounded professional.) Thank you for the reminders to listen to my heart and not worry about what others think! (I just posted this on Alia's site too!)

  10. Btw, that picture of you? CUTE!

  11. Okay firstly... love that picture of you! It's like you're just there, being you, nothing to hide. And your soul talk - it's just you two, being you, nothing to hide. Beautiful! I loved hearing your voice (in such a different way to the voice I head when I read your words).

    Thank you for sharing so openly, honestly and vulnerably. Thank you for busting yourself on what was happening for you. Who are you not to be spiritual? You are one of my greatest teachers xxx

  12. I just listened to the first Soul Talk, and I'm still smiling! How wonderful, how brave, how inspiring that the two of you did this!

    I'm glad to be a follower of a blog that encourages the slowing down, listening to our hearts, saying Yes! to our hearts, and having conversations about what really matters.

    Can't wait to hear the next one!
    Much love and blessings to you, Julia, and to Alia

  13. I am basking in the goodness of the words you have all written here. Thank you so very much for taking the time to connect.

    With so much love & gratitude,


  14. Yay ... it's on my ipod and I am listening today while driving back and forth to work!


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