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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Soul Talks: The Wild World of Blogging

Okay, so below is Soul Talk number 2!  (Giggle, giggle)  I think Alia & I forgot we were recording (not that we would have done anything differently).  It's just so us having a conversation.  We discuss the wildness, the ups and downs and all-over-the-place-ness of this blogging world.  There is beautiful, sacred connected-ness that happens when we put ourselves out there, and right alongside the beauty, there is this intense vulnerability...that feeling of yikes! can I really put this out there?  Are people going to think_________?  (Fill in the blank with your own yikes)  

It is a constant act of showing up with our hearts in hand, clicking away, then with a little holding of the breath...hitting publish.  It's scary and alive and so often way out of our comfort zone. But it's a saying YES to our deepest, most sacred parts.  And that's always, always what I want to say YES to.  Even when, maybe especially when, my voice shakes.

I think if you blog or put yourself out there in any way, you'll very much relate to this talk.

So here we are...yikes and all.

Soul Talks

Putting Ourselves Out There: The Wild World of Blogging

Recorded on 6/24/11
Listen now on the player above (click the arrow) or
right-click HERE to download Soul Talks for listening later.


  1. oh my goodness...
    when i first started sharing my art/words,
    even w/close friends & family,
    my whole body shook!!!
    thank you for the link love, my friend!
    love from my yikes to yours. xoxox

  2. "speak the truth - even if your voice shakes" - love that!! This was a great conversation - I felt like I was in the room with the two of you! I was nodding my head in such agreement through most of it... It was especially great getting to "hear" you talk -experiencing your voice with all it's warmth and giggles!! XXOO

  3. Julia, I am so blessed to have you in my life. You are amazing, inspiring, so very wise, and truly authentic. Here's to putting ourselves out there...shakiness and all!

    Loving you dearly, soul sister.

  4. I wrote this on Alia's blog- this is SUCH a good topic for me. I'll be listening to you lovelies later today when I am cozy in my studio and painting. Can't wait! Love you

  5. Oh, boy, and isn't it a wild world?! Can't wait to listen!

  6. LOVED listening. LOVE your giggles, Julia! You sparkle with a childlike innocence across the waves! Thank you xx


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