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Monday, August 22, 2011

Hood to Coast and Day 39

"Poetry, music, forest, oceans, solitude--they were what developed enormous spiritual strength.  I came to realize that spirit, as much or more than physical conditioning, had to be stored up before a race." ~Herb Elliott (Olympic champion and world-record holder in the mile who trained in bare fee, wrote poetry, and retired undefeated)

When I came across the above quote in the book I'm reading, Born to Run, it totally stopped me in my tracks. I smiled and felt a release and then smiled again.  And then read it a second and third time.  

This Friday/Saturday, I will be amongst 15,000 runners running in the Hood to Coast relay.  There will be twelve of us on a team running the 200 miles from Mt. Hood all the way to the Oregon coast. See that photo above?  That's the seriously steep 5+ mile hill leading down from Mt Hood.  It's the very first leg and I'm the lucky one who gets to run down it! I have the honor of starting my team off on this epic little journey. Each of us will be running three legs (each leg is between about four and eight miles), it will take us 28-ish hours to relay our way to the coast. Just to make sure this is extra clear--I'm not running 200 miles--as a team of twelve (relay style) we're running 200 miles!  Not that I really thought you thought little old me could run that distance solo.  :)

And, here's the thing.  I'm not really feeling all that physically conditioned.  But I've been reading and writing a lot of poetry. And spending a lot of time outside and listening to a little music here and there. And doing yoga.  So I'm thinking I might just be in perfect shape.  Thank you quote for comforting me in my time of need.  I was feeling a little jittery that my little bit of running wasn't going to quite get me to the Oregon coast.

And what better way to celebrate the end of my 41 days--(I say the end but I know very well that this is a lifelong practice).   Today is day 39.   In a nutshell (it's time to go give my little ones some attention so this needs to be the nutshell version)...I've learned that my body knows exactly what it needs, I just need to listen to it.  It seems to be the answer for everything, forever---TUNE IN and listen  That's it.  All the wisdom is there, all the strength and courage that I'll need forever and always.

It's what I'll be relying on to take me down that steep mountain all the way to the Oregon coast--with a little help from my friends, of course. And poetry.


    oh my gosh!
    bach! shakespeare! mary oliver!
    the sea! stillness! BEEEE in julia! XOX
    (looooove that quote!!!!!!)
    & more XOX!

  2. Have fun! And good luck! You'll rock it, I'm sure.
    **trying not to make stupid joke about you running with three legs**

  3. Go,Julia, go! I'm so excited for you!! Sounds like you have all the right kinds of fuel. I'll be thinking of you on this beautiful and steep run! Mae B. Unomi

  4. Yipee! What a great way to finish up the 41 days, full of spirit and adventure! I'm with Rachel, may every poet who has ever lived be with you, and carry you floating your feet, so you just might look like you are flying! XO

  5. I will be with you from this side of the world, cheering you on the whole way! You inspire me, dearest friend. Truly.

    Here's to tuning in and listening to the wisdom.
    Love you,

  6. Julia,

    You are amazing!

    Your poetry, art, endurance and your spirit
    are so inspiring.

    You go, girl!

    I will be cheering you on.

  7. Me, Julia shaped flag in hand, cheering wildly as I stand precariously on the edge of the road...

    You, running, strong legs, pounding heart, beaming smile.

    It's happening - I am one of your incredible team of cheerleaders!



  8. P.S. I think you are really *blossoming* this year Julia xxx :)

  9. Hi Julia,
    I am a new follower to your blog and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your post today. The Universe is working its magic inside me these days and of course your post was one of those messages that I needed to experience. Just as the quote you found guided you into the peace of knowing you are ready, your post, and this passage in particular is gaining me the strength I need for the current leg of my spiritual journey:

    "I've learned that my body knows exactly what it needs, I just need to listen to it. It seems to be the answer for everything, forever---TUNE IN and listen That's it. All the wisdom is there, all the strength and courage that I'll need forever and always."

    Thank you for that, thank you for sharing your soul's journey and much light and love to you on your expedition from Hood to Coast.

  10. Wow! I am predicting you are literally going to LAUGH OUT LOUD, a laugh of joy created someplace where the love of being alive in this body resides, a laugh unexpected and free, at some time in your run. Go, girl!

  11. I remember hearing about this in person!!! Yay! I am so excited for you! whooo hoooo


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