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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Listening to the Guru

"Pain is an invitation to surrender to this greater universal love. It’s a demand to breathe more deeply. It’s the guru that won’t leave you alone. It’s the master that forces you to let go of control so that you can release yourself from the future and the past-- and discover your True Self right now. Your True Self doesn’t need things to turn out a certain way for it to feel secure and alive. Your True Self has master tricks up its midnight blue sleeves, and stardust on its eyelashes.  It has more options than you know how to count."  Tama Kieves

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I'm having one of those days when I don't really know what to write but I feel like I should write something.  There's this little irritating, bossy voice that is saying that today is Wednesday and you usually post on Wednesday, so, get on it.  

Fortunately I know better than to follow the voices of should (not that I always listen to the part of me who knows better)...but I know that when the shallow, constricted breathing, grippy, graspy, trying-to-grab-on-to-something feeling comes, I simply (and not so simply) need to let go--go for a run, step away, take some deep breaths...go out & play. I know that inspiration usually bubbles up when I'm in the midst of something, when I show up real & present & mindful--when I remember to give myself space to breathe.  When I grab on & try to control, I'm left frustrated and drained.

So, having said that, I think I'll go put on my running shoes and head out to my favorite trail.  My body is telling me to get outside and move and, on this 41st day of Learning to Love This Body of Mine, the least I can do is listen.

What are you listening to today?

P.S:  I will be taking a mini break from this space to go do my Hood to Coast run--see you back here next week!

  ♥  Julia


  1. Hi Julia,
    Thank you for this beautiful post. Both the passage on "pain as guru" and your own writing about letting go and showing up in life, resonate deeply with the journey I am on right now. Your writing touches me in a great way. Blessings and loads of good energy to you on your running expedition next week.

  2. Have a beautiful run this weekend! Watching you soar. xo

  3. So glad you posted this quote - just so true, and new to me. Love the image...

    And that you are running this race! Blessings to you, dear Juia...


  4. Dear Julia,

    I love this simple post. In my experience letting go is essential as we make the journey home - together. Each moment presents us with endless opportunities to surrender this little life to something much grander.
    I have this image of you running along the coast in your midnight blue sleeves with stardust on your eyelashes. Run Julia.. RUN!

    Love Nige

  5. I hope the run went really well and was a sweet spiritual experience for you. I adore you.


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